Making Money with an EBook

Ebooks can be made on any topic and sold online. From my research I have found that you can really make big money with the ebooks.

I have started an ebook and in the process of writing it. I have given myself 1 month to do it. The books don't have to be novel length but long enough to explain what you want to. You want the words to flow easily, so that the readers don't get bored, and packed full of information that it would take the reader hours to research. If you are going to write a book you want to give clear instructions on how you did it. Adding some personal trials and errors that you did is one way to contact with the reader.

I am writing the book for the average reader, no big words, just writing the way that I would give a presentation to a group, where everyone who reads it is able to understand about it. I have it so that I will keep the attention of the reader throughout the book.

Pricing the book:
Pricing is the most importaint part of the book sales. Overpriced it will not sell well, but then I also don't want to underprice the book. Researching on the web to get an idea of what others are sucessfully selling the books for is giving me a good idea of a starting price of the ebook.

Selling the ebook:
There are several ways to sell your ebook. This is going to be the most importaint thing about doing your ebook.

Clickbank This is a great way to get others to sell your book for you. Your link will be many places promoted by many different people. This seems to be where you will get most of your sales. Sign up for Clickbank to sell your book, make a landing page so that people will be sent to that page and watch your sales increase.

Cafepress and are other great ways to sell your ebook.

Ebay will accept downloads for ebooks.

So make it part of your new Years plan to write that Ebook that you have been thinking about and watch your money increase in the next few months.

Amazon giftcards for last minute gifts

Gift cards for Amazon are great gifts for people on your list, these can be ordered at the last minute and emailed to the person.

With time running out, and the big day coming quickly, this is the way to go.
Order your giftcard today for your last minute purchases.

Using Squidoo and hubpages with Clickbank

I make money from Clickbank using Hubpages and Squidoo. It's really easy to do.

I first look at Clickbank and see what products are out there that I could include in an article. I then write a useful article about the product add a photo, and link to it. This has gotten me several sales from Clickbank, without costing me a dime. Some of the products I have used myself and can really give a good review on it.

Here is an product on how to make money on squidoo. This will explain how to make money every month using clickbank and Squidoo and Hubpages. This book will give you secrects on how to make great lenses, and hubs and how to get traffic to them.

Using Hubpages and Squidoo is just like doing niche sites without the expense of getting domain names. It has been termed Bum Marketing. Cause anyone can do them and make them profitable. Even if the article that you write you don't think is your best work, will still make you money.

Clickbank has so many different products that you never run out of topics. If I am writing about things that I didn't find on clickbank, I still search clickbank to see if there is something there that I can write into the article. It is very easy to set up an account at Clickbank and easy to use. They will send you money every 2 weeks after you make sales.

This is one great way to make cash online in 2008 without spending any.

Check out Clickbank, Hubpages, and Squidoo and watch your online money grow. Not only will you earn money with clickbank, but also you put your information in to make with adsense, amazon, and ebay. And others. You have several oppertunities to make money with each article that you write.

Getting Goals ready for 2008

Now is the time to start planning for 2008 goals.

Start by making a list of what you want to accomplish in 2008. Once you have the main goals defined, then you can go back and break them down into smaller steps. Figuring out what you want to accomplish in 2008 is just the start. Once you have the main goal figured out, you break it down by quarters, what you need to accomplish every 3 months, then how you need to accomplish it by month.

If you don't have a goal for 2008 you will never reach your potential of what you could of accomplished. I use Outlook Calendar with the Tasks. I make my main goal, and then break it down. I have it remind me every week of what I needed or wanted to accomplish that week so I know I have stayed on track to reach my main goal.

You don't need to make a specific money goal, if you don't want to, but focus on goals to what you want to do to make money. Such as you may want to get 100 referrals under you in a program like CashCrate, or Zubby, or Treasure Trooper. Once you figure out what you want to get and when you want to have it by then you can break that down to manageable tasks.

One of my goals is by April, to make $1000 a month online. So what I have done is break that down between my programs, and writing and figured out how much I need to earn every day to reach that goal. Now since I now know how much I have to do every day, it's easier to reach these goals. I don't want to make them all in one program, but spread them out so that I don't burn out on one program. With planning, I will stay focused and not get off track of reaching my goal.

I also want to do an ebook, and niche sites, I have the ideals and how many I need to have by April and ideals of what to make them on, now I can use my time more efficiently and can achieve my goals.

Is it alot of planning? Yes, but in the long run it will save so much time knowing what you need to do, and when you need to complete it or start it will make it easier next year so that goals can be met.

So now is the time to write your goals, and get started for the sucessful new year.

Network With Zubby is a new networking site . While it is similar to myspace this site is great to meet friends and network with others. In the last few weeks they have increased the membership to awesome numbers. Think of the possibility of all these people at one site.
Join today.

CashCrate a must for 2008

Cashcrate has an awesome referral system. You can actually make thousands of dollars here every year. With their referral system everytime someone signs up under you and meets the $10 minimum payout you not only make 20% of what they make you also get a $3 bonus. When someone signs up under them, you make 10% of what they make. So you can easily see how fast you can make money every month.

If you get more then 50 people signed up under you, Which is easy to do because CashCrate is reputable place you earn 25% of what they earn. It doesn't get much better than that. Every month you recieve a check in the mail from what you made the previous month.

If you haven't tried Cashcrate you should this is a must do on your online money making ventures in 2008. Sign up here to begin making your money.

Spending just 10 minutes a day doing their 2 surveys will make you $1.60 a day. If you do that for 1 month that is 48 dollars for that month. Almost $600 a year for 10 minutes a day. Just think what you can do with that extra $600. And that is just from doing the daily surveys. Imagine what you can make if you do some offers, and have some referrals.

Each time you complete an offer, you get a bonus point which you can then cash in for prizes like gift cards, ipods and other nice things.

It doesn't take me long to do a few offers a day at Cashcrate and make money easily. It's an easy way to earn money online without paying out anything, or wondering if you are going to get paid from the place that you have spent your time working offers.

Cashcrate will make you money, just like it does me everyday. Well I'm off to there now to earn some quick cash then move on to the next project.

Adsense update - a major decrease in profits

I have downgraded my photo account for my website. So now I can no longer show the adsense or the Commission Junction ads on my photos. I didn't think it would matter much, but since have learned that a website with alot of hits will increase your adsense profit. Since I downgraded, I haven't made a dime on adsense.

It wasn't that I made 6 figures a day on adsense, but it still added up nicely. So this will motivate me to work harder to get my revised website up and running where I can add the adsense and the commission junction advertising back on it.

So if you think that adsense isn't making you enough money, you may be right, but the alternative is not making any at all from adsense.

Making money with referrals

I haven't done a survey at cash crate in awhile, so honestly I have been slack with everything online. But the great news is I am still making money with these places. I have made 27.50 this month alone just from my referrals. That's great news to know that I will get money without having the time to do it myself. At Treasure Trooper I have referrals that make me money every month also. It's been great to make the extra cash knowing that I don't have the time myself.

Getting referrals isn't easy, but with networking and posting at forums with the link back to the blog helps alot. It doesn't take much time, and the pay off will gradually increase. Every month I am getting more referrals that are making me money. If you would like to make money every month with referrals, here are some easy ways to do it.

Make a blog
Making a blog is easy, and free. Write about your experience, give any new tips that you think will help others earn money online. To get traffic to your blog, visit other blogs and post comments with a link back to your blog. Posting your earnings, or showing photos of your check that you recieve will show people that money can really be made.

Have a link in your name on forums back to your blog. If you post at popular blogs regualy this will increase traffic to your blog, where you have your links for your links.

Add links in your signauture section of your email. If your friends see you making money, they will join. I have friends that follow my blog and join the different programs because they know that these places are ligitmiate.

Social networking
Myspace, stumbleupon, and the newest Zubby are great places to place a link back to your blog so that people can visit your blog.

These are just a few ideals that will help you make money every month. Stay tuned, more to come.

Within a few weeks you will notice that your referrals will increase thus making you money. How awesome is that.

Being slack - but making goals

Well as you can tell I haven't updated the blog for awhile. Working fulltime, trying to get the website ready and getting ready to sell my house and move hasn't left much time to do anything else. I have been researching though online. Found some great ebooks that were free that I will be posting on here soon to share with you.

I am going to finally moved around the beginning of the year, then I will get back into this big time after the holidays. I do have some notes written, and allot of plans to really vamp up my online earnings next year. Already I have some money coming in everymonth from Associated Content, and hubpages. I know that I can do so much more and earn even more money next year with these places. I just need to write out the plan and stick to it.

I am thinking of the ways that I can make $100 a day everyday without working 24 hours a day. That is going to be the goal for next year. $100 a day. Now since I have the goal, I need to make the plans, the baby steps that will take me to that level. I know it can be done. It's just going to take alot of work to get there.

But then if you break it down, I only need 10 things that will make $10 a day. So looking at it that way doesn't seem so impossible. And it doesn't have to be online always. If I can do something for a few hours a week and earn $70 that will count as 1 of the $10 a day requirements. So I think, it's just how you think about approaching it. Saying making $100 a day sounds impossible, but having 10 smaller things sounds better.

So far my plan is:
Write 2 articles a day for Associated Content. That will bring me my $10 for that. Now Somedays I won't feel like writing, Somedays I write more, so I will save the ones written and post them 2 everyday. Somedays I will be doing video's some days I may just upload photos for the slideshows. I have enough photos to do either quickly. I would like to spend a few hours once a week and get this out of the way for the week. Plus with the pageview bonus every month, it will help.

Surveys: I plan on sticking with 2 of them, each one doing $5 a day on each one. This should take me less than 30 minutes a day. If I do cashcrate, I can do 2 surveys quickly and earn $1.60 a day in no time.

So far my plan has me up to $20 a day and I will be working less than 2 hours.

So now I only have to do 8 more things which I haven't a clue yet on what I'm going to do, but I do know I will be making a website for affiliate income, and clickbank income.

I am hoping to do more pay per post, which will help boost my income. I haven't added that into my plan yet.

How do you plan on making more money online in '08?

Payments today! YEAH!!!

Today has been a pretty good day for me I have been paid 68.00 from Treasure Trooper in Paypal. This is from last month's progress. Some of this money was from referrals. I love seeing referral money on the account.

Several of my articles have been accepted at Associated Conetent for a payment of 27.49 which will be added in the Paypal account later on tonight.

I am making consistant money every week with Associated Content. I get it added into Paypal, which then can be moved to the bank account, or I have a paypal debit card which I seem to use more often than I want to. The rest goes into the bank. This is a great way to ean money without really going out to work, writing is easy and with the page view bonuses it adds up quickly.

Good month so far

I am doing pretty good with Associated Content. They are accepting stories quite frequently now. I have found easier and faster ways to write the articles. Now it doesn't take me long at all to write the articles. If only I could find an easy way to think of articles to write about. They are now paying monthly for page views which is great. So that is an added bonus every month for me.

Treasure Troopers - Finally I am making decent money there. I have referrals now, and trying to get on the VIP status there, once I reach $500 I will become VIP status! I am getting close. With the VIP status I will be able to get more pearls which I can trade in for referrals. So I will be getting 4 free refrerrals per month. That will be sweet. I am on Act 13 of the Treasure Map. Stuck there for a little while. Hopefully not as long as I was stuck on Act 2! Act 2 I finally figured out, and got past it. Then it has been smooth till I got to Act 13. But I will get past it.

Why do I do Treasure Troopers only now? Well, Fairytale Treasures didn't approve allot of the offers. Then the took money back from me after I earned it. Gangster Greed was another one that didn't approve many of the offers. Cash Crate, it seems never approves offers for me. With Treasure Troopers, the offers get approved, and there are always new offers all the time. I like they give you referrals when you earn enough pearls to get them. It does add up quickly. Once I get the VIP status, I will get even more referrals.

Since I have gone back to work Fulltime it's hard to work as hard as I did with my online ventures. But I am still working at it. My adsense is going up every month, with the hubpages that I have, it's helped quite a bit. That's really what I want to do, have the articles done, and then forget about it - without working hard at everything monthly.

One day--- this will happen..

Gangster Greed- Finally can get a payout!

After being with Gangster Greed for a few months, I finally got enough to get a payout today. The payout was low - only $10, but most of their offers are expired, or never credited. It's really discouraging. After I get my payout - which will be paid by PayPal, I will cancel the account. It's really not worth my time to spend months to get $10. I really wouldn't recommend Gangster Greed. The website said that they should have the money in my account in 24-48 hours. I will report when that happens.

So this month I have decided to quit 2 of the GPT programs, Fairytrale treasures, and now this one. I have been doing great at Treasure Troopers. They have been crediting offers quickly they put new offers up almost every week. I haven't done much at cashcrate, their offers haven't credited for me.

I have been working hard at Associated Content. They have payouts now monthly for page views. I have also been working on making video's. Since they have quit paying out for referrals, that has hurt some, so I just have to write more to make up for the difference.

To determine what I wanted to make video's on - I did a search on AC and found some things that they have less than 10 items on, so that is what I will be concentrating on. Since going back to work fulltime, it's hard to do the video's - just trying to find time to do everything is difficult. I have been writing the articles while at work- I have a fulltime job doing phone tech support, and manage to write between calls.

Making Video's on Associated Content

I was reading someone's blog last week and saw that she is making alot of money on Associated Content doing video's. I'm talking over $1000 per month with video's. So I started looking for software to make video's that is within my budget of Zero Dollars. I found one.

CamStudio is free software that will take screenshot video's of your desktop. It's awesome and easy to install and use. With this software you can record, and edit video's. I use Microsoft editor for the editing part only becuase I am used to it, and can quickly edit in there. The nice thing with CamStudio is that you can even record a powerpoint presentation with this software.

Now with this software I am able to make the video's faster and upload more than if I was writing every day for Associated Content.
Associated Content is looking for tutorials on different things, and there are many things that you can still submit for money with that site. They want video's under 15Mb and more than 1 minute long, so it should be easy to make the video's there and get a bunch uploaded every month. I'm kind of excited about finding free software that will do that. I do have video option on my camera that I can work with as well as having a webcam that I can do video's with. Now just figuring out what I want to make video's on!!

I learned last week that Associated Content is no longer paying for referrals, bummer.
I plan to start making video's this week and uploading to them.

Last month I did fairly well with Treasure Trooper for September I made $157.25. I am on Act 13 of the Treasure Map, I hope to have it finished this month. That will give me another $100. in my account. Fairytale Treasure wasn't even enough to cash out, which I am done with them. I didn't do much at CashCrate. Going to back to a real job takes up so much time that it's crazy. It's hard to schedule things around a real job.

Why I'm not promoting FairyTale Treasures anymore

FairyTale Treasures is a GPT program. Over the last few months they have made many changes that makes it harder to earn anything from them.

The program started to go downhill when they took money that was already earned and in your account back. They are under investigations. Now, if the money was already in your account, and in the account of your referrals it shouldn't of been taken back. But it was. There is no guarentee that they will ever give that money back to you.

The offers that you do exactly as stated aren't being credited to your account. They have contests that you work hard to do the offers to get paid, and then the offers never credit making you lose money and time. Or if they get credited to your account, the dates are after the content ends and you don't get the bonus money from the contest. Either way you lose.

Referrals used to be easy to get at FairyTale treasure, you collected laterns when you do the trivia games. You got one latern every time you did the game correctly, that has been changed to .25 latern every time you do it now. You need 25 laterns to trade in for a referral. At the rate of 1/4 latern per day when they have the trivia game, it will take you several months to get the referral.

In the last month, I have made $3.60. But I have done over 150 offers that are pending. All offers were done correctly over the month, and I haven't been paid nor have they been credited. I have 17 referalls, that haven't made a dime, not one of them? That seems odd. All the other programs my referrals made SOME money every month. Wonder why the ones at Fairytale Treasure hasn't. It just doesn't add up.

I still am going strong at Treasure Trooper. I love this place. I have many referrals that I have "won" by doing the games at the end of every offer. The offers post quickly, and they never took any money back. They seem like a solid site. The checks always arrive on time, and soon they will be doing paypal payments again.

Getting traffic to your blog

This is one of the hardest things to do is to get traffic to your blog. You can sign up for mybloglog, and others, but the best ways that I found was:

1. Read other blogs and comment on them with your blog link. This is a great way to get traffic.
2. Use squidoo, and hubpages to RSS your feeds to them, and add links in your contents.

Using these two ways I have increased my readship and it really didn't take alot of time to do.

Without readers, you will not earn any money with your blog, or get your ideals out to anyone.

Real job

I haven't been updating due to having a real job to go to now. I was off for a few months, and was able to keep everything update. Now I just have to get back in the swing of things and get a schedule.

I have been paid by Pay Per Post, and still getting paid for articles at Associated Content, which is sweet. The referrals that I have for the Treasure Trooper and Fairy Tale Treasures is still bringing me in money. Even though I haven't written an article at AC for a few weeks, the ones that I do have up there are still making cash. Which is what I want it to do. I want the monthly cash to come in without working at it as much as I have been.

In a few weeks my website will be up and running, with the adsense and the Affiliates that I will have on it, I'm hoping that it will bring in cash for me.

Why you should always have a backup plan

This is why everyone should have a plan B. Just in case Plan A doesn't work out.

As you know I have another website that I have thousands of photos hosted at. They are hosted at Smugmug. I love Smugmug they make it so easy to host the photos, and to sell them. I have been there 2 years. You can customize your photos, and it's so easy and convienent to use. I have been very happy there. The only good thing is if I get rid of smugmug the website domain name is mine.

But tonight I learned that none of my images are shown in Google Image search. That's not good for me. I need the images shown there, I have some photos that no one else has of certain bridges. I have photos shown on other sites, and those ones are showing, but my photos on the main site isn't.

Now comes the dilemma. What to do about it.

Answer: I have no idea what to do about it. The photos are keyworded, but for some reason smugmug and google don't play well together. So I may have to find new place to host the photos. I am open for suggestions!

I didn't plan to use Plan B. Infact I didn't even make a plan B. Now I'm scrambling to get a plan B in the works.

So Lesson of the day:
Always have a backup plan. Do this ahead of time, so you don't have to scramble at the last minute to figure it out - research ahead of time when your not stressed out.

When a simple ideal gets complicated

I'm sure that everyone had an idea that sounded real quick and easy to do, but to find out that it's really more complicated than it sounded. How do you manage to complete the project in time, without going crazy?

Right now I am doing calendars of my photos. The photos were already restored, basically all I have to do is upload and add a caption. How easy does that sound? Well, somehow I managed to complicate the whole process. While, I have over 25,000 photos to find the perfect photos trying to find 13 photos for a catagory is a nightmare. I have noticed that I have a lot of the same photo taken over many years. But not enough of one subject to make a calendar that shows the object over years. So it is taking me about 3 hours to do one calendar, which isn't what I thought that it would. Am I ready to quit the calendar idea? Yup, sure am. But instead I'm trying to stay positive and focused on getting it done.

To get an overwhelming project done, you just have to break it down into smaller tasks, make yourself a TO-DO list and cross it off as you get the task done. I found this to be effective. I can tell by my TO-DO list that I have made progress, and feel better about going ahead with the project. I had set a goal at the beginning of the week, which I don't think that I will make, so I just modified the timeframe, and will eventually get it done. Once I get this project figured out I think it will go easier, just trying to get it figured out to get a system going is the hardest part. Which Is where the list is making it easier, I know what I want to accomplish, and how to get to that goal.

Well It's back to the calendars.

Selling your products and ideals Online

Since I have many photos that I can make into calendars, I have decided to make and sell them online. I will be making about 10 different calendars and listing them on to sell them. The base price is reasonable where I can make a profit from them.

At lulu it's easy to make the calendars, they will walk you through the entire process. Then they will make them, and ship them. All I have to do is design them, and upload the photos.

Once I get the calendars created, all I will have to do is sell them. I have a plan on how to do that. I will get the word out, by using google adwords, writing articles about them, using squidoo, hubpages, and associated content to get people to go look at them.

Since I already have a website for the photos, adding a link to them from there won't be a problem. I can also use ebay and other auction places to sell them, as well as maybe slipping an ad in on craigslist. Since my photos are of historical nature, I will list them for sale on every historical site that I can find, and will let me. This isn't going to be a time to be shy, since I have a short selling window that I will be able to sell calendars I have to really get into gear, and be organized.

With lulu you can sell not only calendars, but ebooks, printed books, and sell images online as downloads. There is not money that is out of pocket, infact once you sell your item, they will send you the profit. They have wizards that walk you through setting up your stuff to sell to make it look professional, and is real easy to do. It took me less than an hour to make one calendar, and that was my 1st one that I did.

The thing is, if you want to sell online, there are many places that you can do it. Cafepress is a place that you can sell your designs online. All it takes is an idea, no money and determination.

Squidoo and Hubpages - Profitable Idea

Here it is at the end of the month again. Time to set goals for September and tally up August's totals. I didn't reach my goal in August so I got to work harder in September. But I did learn alot in August.

I have been working on Squidoo and Hubpages getting as many articles as I can up on both of them. This is my reasoning of why I am working so hard with these two sites.

First, this is all FREE!
You can write about anything that you want on either site, and you can put links in to other sites, and if you are a member of clickbank, you can link there. They both will give you access to sell stuff from ebay, and hubpages has Amazon links. And you make money with Adsense. All this is easy to add to the pages. These are easily found by the search engines, and these are like one page niche sites, without the hassle or the out of pocket expenses.

So if you have 100 articles on one site (lets use hubpages for the example). I have 100 links to my website, and blog. ( I always link to my sites, even if I am not writing about it, I will put a link to a period just to link back to my sites. I also have 100 chances for people to purchase from Amazon or Ebay, and since I work in a link from Clickbank into every article I put on the sites, I also am advertising 100 times with that. Now the nice thing is, since I can write about anything, I chose things that aren't over saturated so that increases my chance of being found on Google.

Now if I redo the articles and post them on Squidoo, I have double the chances of getting found on the web. So now I will have 200 chances of selling things online, and getting people to click on my clickbank or my affiliate sites.

With the same article again changed, I will post to Associated Content to get paid upfront from them at least making a profit from the articles that way.

While I may not be making a lot of money from Squidoo and Hubpages right now, I have a goal of getting 250 articles up a month to both places. I have a goal of 6 months to start showing a real profit. Without spending a dime. It will take alot of planning and determination to do this and not get sidetracked, but it's a workable plan. It is only about 8 articles a day to get online, and they don't even have to be long articles, just informative articles with good keywords. If you look over the stuff that people have submitted you see there is a variety of topics that can be written about.

So if you want to start making money without working on it daily, start out with the free sites like hubpages and squidoo pages.

25 Places that you can make money online that are free

There are several ways to make money online without getting your own website. But you also have to be careful for the scam tricks. There are alot of them out there also. Here are some ways that you can make money online without spending any.

Associated Content:
You write articles for them and they will pay you upfront between $3-$20 dollars per article if they accept them. You can write about anything, minimum words is 400 per article. But you can submit as many as you want. They will pay you by paypal, and they pay several times a week. Then -you will also get paid by page views. For every 1000 page views that your combined articles have you will earn an additional 1.50. This adds up quickly with more articles that you submit. This is a great way to earn money. They always pay ontime, and with the page view bonues its a great way to earn money without spending a dime.

There are several places that you can set up a free blog. You can earn several different ways with this, you can earn from adsense, put affiliate ads on your blog, earn from Pay Per Post, and blogsvertise, and other places. It's unlimited the amount of money you can earn from a free blog.

Get Paid to Blog
Blogger Family write about family issues and they will pay you. They pay $4 per blog post.

Become a website Guide write and maintain the pages on about. com. Payment varies.

Write about fiancial Topics and get paid
Help your money will pay you to be a contributor.Current Pay Rates: $5 to $10+ per article paid by paypal. Required Length: 500+ words per article. Topics they are looking for Auto, Credit Cards, Insurance, Investments, Mortgages, Taxes and Frugal Living.
Submit articles and be paid. Doesn't say how much when or how you will get paid.

Get paid for articles by page view.

Constant Content
Get paid to write articles

Hubpages and Squidoo Pages:
These places you write articles and submit them. You will make moeny off adsense that they have set up there but your main income will probably be from selling things on Ebay and Amazon. Both of these places will have RSS feeds coming in from these sites that you can sell other people's products and earn a percentage from them. Hubpages allow you to use Amazon and Ebay, while Squidoo uses Amazon. These are great tools that will help you increase you income. You can write about anything and even put links in the articles that will get people to come back to your blog. You can sell things from Clickbank, or Commission Junction from here, and make even more money. The nice thing about Hubpages and Squidoo pages ia that it is indexed in a few days from Google. You can have as many hub or squidoo pages that you want to increase your income. These pages are easy to set up and easy to maintain.

Pay Per Post and Blogsvertise:
Write about assignments that are posted on these sites and they will pay you. They both pay by paypal, and give detailed instructions about what the requirements are to write about things. This is easy way to get your blog to pay you back.

CafePress stores:
Upload several designs and set up a free store that will sell your merchidice. They will print your design on t-shirts, cards, and other photo gifts and you just collect the money once it sells.
This is a store much like CafePress. Free to set up and sell things from it.
Here is a free site that you can sell ebooks, printed books, calendars, and stock photos. This is easy to set up, while it doesn't have a storefront, you can list these items on your hubpages, or squidoo and blog sites and they will handle the selling part and pay you the profits.

Selling Photos online:
This can be done from many places will let you sell your images, or put them in a book to sell. will let you sell from their site. Winkflash is another place that will let you sell online. There are many stock photo places that you just upload your images and they will sell them for you and send you the profit.

Sign up at Commission Junction and you can put affiliate ads on your blog, hub and squidoo pages. These are easy to set up, you can also sell from ebay using Commission Junction.

Amazon Store:
Open one or several Amazon stores and sell their stuff on your website. This is fully customized to what you want to sell. You can chose from a huge selection of things that they have on their website.

You submit a short tip and if they approve it they will pay you $3.00. I am putting this here because they do approve some tips. But it will take you months before they will publish your tip and pay you. If you are patient you will get paid by them.

Sell things from their store, and you make money. I haven't tried this, and haven't even researched this much.

GPT Programs
There are many of the programs out there that you do surveys and test sample things. Here are a few that do work and do pay.

Gangster greed:
They pay by paypal when you reach at least $10 payout. You don't have to wait till the end of the month to request your payment.

Fairytale Treasures:
Many different offers that you can do. They run contests frequently. Pays monthly by paypal

Treasure Trooper:
They have a special bonus that you can earn $100 for completing the treasure map. Awesome place, pays monthly by check.

Great referral program. Can do 2 daily surveys at .80 each. Get paid monthly by check.

Shared Review:
Review free trial offers and they will pay you.

Upload videos
Metacafe will pay you for page views each time someone views your video.

Stumble Upon

Using stumble upon is a great way to get traffic to your blog or your site. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for the site and it has so many possiblities. If you write a great article and want people to come read it, you can stumble your own site and drive traffic to it. You will notice that for the next couple of hours that your traffic will really increase.

This also works well for Digg and other social sites. If you want to get traffic to your site sign up and then just stumble or digg them and watch the traffic come to your site.

Weight loss - Getting healthy has gotten easier

If you are like me you have tried many diets to lose weight, all ending in frustration after a few days of the diet. You are probably like me imagining how it would be to shop for clothing without being embarassed.

Have you considered a surgical procedure that will help you finally lose the weight? Journey Lite is a place that specializes in helping people lose the weight.

With a small incision, using a laparoscopic procedure a trained surgeon will place a lap band to make your stomach smaller. With a smaller stomach you will eat less and lose the weight once and for all. This procedure and determination will let you get back to a healthy lifestyle, being at a healthy weight.

There are several facilities opened and located in several states such as Florida, Texas and California with plans to open more facilities in the near future.

Once you have lost the weight your life will become fuller, without the excess weight you will be getting out more, and having more confidence. Check out the facts today and start making plans for your future without the excess weight.

Writers Block - Try these places for ideals

Sometimes when writing articles the hardest part is trying to think of new articles to write about. Here are some unusual places that you can find topics to write about.

Clickbank (hey I said they were going to be unusual)
With clickbank search through the ads, see what other people wrote about that they are now selling as programs and ebooks. You can submit a link if you have a clickbank account, or just use the titles are ideal generators. I have found several articles by searching through clickbank pages. While reading over the pages, some ideals will come to mind what you can write about.

Youtube Videos
Searching through these will give you ideas. Also it's a nice break to sit a watch a few of these. There are many topics that will work great in an article.

Write about what people are talking about now. There are so many different forums out there that you can find topics so easy doing it this way.

Morning Radio DJ's
If you spend just 15 minutes to a morning radio show, you will see how many different topics they cover every morning. If the radio show is a call in radio show, again you can find out what is on people's mind. Most radio shows are local, with only a few syndicated, so your material that you will write about will always be fresh and new to someone.

You can always find topics there, now I wouldn't consider some of the information on there reliable, but it's still a good place to find topics.

These are just a few fun and different places to get rid of writers block, hopefully they will work for you and you can get more articles written and fatten your wallet.

Using all Sources for sucessful Advertising Campaign

One of the photos that are available to purchase from my website Silver Springs Covered Bridge, Pennsylvania
Destroyed during a flood. This bridge is no longer standing.

If you have a product to sell you have to get creative in marketing the item. For example I am trying to sell photos. Sometimes you have to go offline and sell to really make a profit.
Since my photos are mostly from Pennsylvania, that is where I want to target. With living in a different state makes it more difficult to do. But there are ways around this.

With a small marketing budget, I thought of many different ways that I can get the word out about my website without breaking my budget. One way I can easily do this is to make business cards to hand out - which really won't work being out of state. But I can donate photos of the images to auctions and fundraisers that are going on in Pennsylvania. This will not cost me a lot, but the payback should be great. When you donate some merchandise usually your name and website will be in the program as a donation. The base prices on my donations won't cost me a lot, and I have have the items shipped from the website to the places that are holding auctions.

I try to place at least one donation to several auctions and fundraisers every year. I find that this is more effective then doing Google AdWords, and other paid advertising online. With the market already saturated with older photos, it's hard to make sales. But getting the word out to my target audience is the key to being successful.
Not only can you donate items to auctions, and fundraisers, if you have a unique item you can make flyers and post in the area you want to sell your items. Writing to newspapers and having them write a story about your business is another great way to get the word out. I had several newspapers articles written about the photos, and seen a huge increase for the website.

Linking to other sites like yours is another way to drive traffic to your site. I am linked to several sites that constantly brings in visitors. I try to keep my website updated with adding new photos all the time (I have over 25,000 to choose from).

I write many articles about the structures that I have photos of. I research them and write the articles that I submit to Associated Content, hubpages, and squidoo. I also maintain a blog that updates news about the photos that I have. While all of these are free advertising, it does help with sales.

I found that if you contact the organizations that have the people interested in your item, and make several well thought out donations for them to sell, this is the best advertising that you can do. Sometimes doing everything online isn't the best way to make sales.

Making sales is difficult when you have things to sale that isn't hot and in demand. But with a little effort and thinking outside of the box, you can make the sales and increase your profit.

Monthly Totals updated & Update on Fairytale Treasures

I have updated the monthly totals for August. I am not doing that bad, although it could be much better.

With the GPT programs, I lost a bit of money at Fairytale treasures that kind of upsets me, seems that if you did the offers at other pages, or they think you didn't tell the truth the advertisers rejected them, they are working on them, but took back the money in a reversal.

Now my feelings on that: If the offer was credited and approved don't take back the money. Change the rules and go on, but it was approved and money was promised to us. It's like working at a job and your doing sales, after you close the sale the customer decides they don't want the product, and they take back your commission. You did you job, that commision should be yours.

But hopefully they will have it all worked out soon, and our money back in our accounts. There has been alot of changes at the site with the daily trivia question, there hasn't been one all week. I do like Fairytale treasures alot they have alot of good easy offers but I have a slightly bitter taste in my mouth after losing money. But I will give them time to sort things out. They also said about using Private Phone for your phone number. Since I only have a cell phone with a number I don't give out to just anyone, that's going to cut out a lot of forms where I have to give a number.

I did get lucky this month with my main website where I sell photos of historical buildings, covered bridges, and other structures. I had a few good sales. Now you would think that having over 10,000 photos up for sale of these cool structures I would make a killing, but no one buys, they do look and that's it. I can't put them on sites that you get paid for downloads, stock photos, because I have restored the photos, and while I do own the copyrights, I didn't take the photos. I am so open for suggestions on how to make these photos sell easier.

Hopefully the last weeks of this month I can increase my earnings online. But it's going to be a busy time for me. I have both my children's birthday's coming up, (they were born on the same day 5 years apart) and will be celebrating my 26th wedding anniversary. All in the same week. Plus we're getting ready to move. But in all honestly, I see my money online dropping just from lack of time.

Clickbank and Commission Junction Great Income

I signed up for clickbank about 2 weeks ago and got my 1st sale. It was so easy, I couldn't believe it.

I do hubpages and squidoo and on each page, I place a clickbank advertisment for a product. The product really depends on what my page is about. The one that I just sold was about a niche site, I placed the ad right beside the ebay module with a quick saying how you can profit from opening a niche site using ebay. I also use Commission Junction advertising on the pages, and while I'm still waiting on sales from that, the clickrate has really increased. I'm expecting a sale anyday now.

The possibilities are endless doing it this way. You can make a hubpage and a Squidoo page in under 10 minutes and still have it full of good content. So you can do an average of 5 per hour, think how much advertising you can do with that, all without it costing you a dime. Even if you do 5-10 pages a day at one place your increasing your chances of sales each time. Not to mention you can make even more money from the Ebay and Amazon modules on the pages that are already built in.

If you are already writing for Associated Content, you can use that article, and change it to use on Squidoo or HubPages or both of them. Each time you use that article you want to change it so you don't have the same content on all the pages.

If your short on cash and want to increase your chances of making real money online, I suggest you start writing for hubpages and squidoo each page adding some advertisment from Clickbank and/or Commission Junction. You have nothing to lose.

I got accepted at Pay Per Post

I finally got approved by Pay Per Post. I had to wait a few weeks because my blog wasn’t old enough. It has to be active for 90 days or more. I think this is going to be a good relationship with them. I am hoping to make some money to go toward the 10K Challenge.

With Pay Per Post, they look like they have a few postings that I already qualify for. As my blog gets more traffic and ratings I will be able to qualify for other postings. I’m really excited about this.

I was reading over their website, it looks like quite a few people are really making money from the site. They pay between $5 and $20 for most posts that you have to do. Of course they do have some that pay a whole lot more. Once you get approved by them, you can choose the blogs that you want to blog about, so they are not assigned to you, you can actually chose what will work for you and your blog. That’s the best part of, you get to chose, and you don’t have to write about things that are totally off topic for you and your blog.

I think this is going to be great. You should sign up to join payperpost .

Sell your old cell phone, and your Empty Ink Cartridges for cash

These are not ways which you need referrals, do surveys, or anything else. These are in a catagory all by themselves. Sell your EMPTY printer Cartridge: Sell your empty Printer Cartridges here. will pay you to send them empty cartridges. They will even pay shipping to send the empties to you. According to the website they will pay up to $22.00 per cartridge. If you want to start a fundraising project, they will even send you help to get you started. If you ever tried to refill a Lexmark printer cartridge, you know it's sometimes easier to just buy a new cartridge. Now you can sell your empty and make some spare cash on the side. is another place that you can sell your empties to. Compare the prices of the two - sell to the one that gives you the best deal.

Sell your old Cell Phone: will buy cell phones. Prices vary by make and models. If your phone has a SIM card you don't need to send that in, just the phone. Payment is made by check within 30 days of them recieving the phone. They only accept working phones. You don't even have to send in the charger. This is from their FAQ about cell phone condition: What if my cell phone has a few dings and scratches but still works, will you accept it? Absolutely! As long as the phone will make a test call, has a clear ESN/DEC #, working speaker and mic, good LCD and will power up, we will pay you for it. If the phone has extra features like a camera, they should be functional as well. Cosmetic condition will have no effect on whether the phone will be purchased or not. is another place that will buy old cell phones. I did a google search for both cartridges and cell phones and came up with many different places that you can cell old cells and empties to. Check them out, maybe buy a few at the yard sales and resell online. This looks much easier than doing ebay and writing desriptions about them.

HubPages and Squidoo Pages are Key Ingredients

I updated the monthly totals for August on the sidebar. I know I have been slack. With the survey places, I have alot waiting to be confirmed, once they get confirmed the totals will go up.
I am still getting referrals which is helping the totals a lot.

I started making hubs at these are like squidoo pages, but you put in your account numbers for adsense, amazon associate and ebay advertising, and you get paid when people click on that. The set up is just like at and it's so easy to do. It takes me about 5 minutes to do a hubpage, and put in a little section with something from clicksense, and I'm done.

In one week I had done about 25 hubs along with 25 squidoo pages, all without spending a dime. But it triples my exposure for the ads that I have and increases my chances of really making money online.

With Squidoo you can only use from Amazon, with Hubpages you can do Ebay AND Amazon and you get adsense exposure on every hub. I don't use the same articles, but I do use the same topics. I change the articles and boom in no time the pages are done. After I have a page done, I will stumble it, and watch the hits come in. It takes no time to get noticed on google, infact some of my pages are already in the #1 position. The trick to get to the #1 position for Hubpages, is to keyword with some mispellings.

With Hubpages and squidoo you can do an article for something you are trying to sell from clicksense. Which makes it nice and easy to set up for sales.

Once you make a new hub, it is featured on their new hub pages for a few hours which gets you exposure, but for maxium exposure, stumble it.

With the HubPages you don't even have to look for a photo, you can move your little boxes around so that there is an Ebay or Amazon ad right in the article. So while the people are reading the ad, they can see the photos of things that you want to sell. Makes it easier and increases your chances of them making a buy.

So if you want to increase your income without spending money, sign up for Hubpages and Squidoo.

Selling on Ebay - Reduce the fees

If you sell on ebay you know their fees have gone up. If you want to use a template you have to pay extra for a fancier one there. But there is a website that you can get many different templates and other bonus features for free.

You can set the time that you want your auctions to start which at Ebay you would have to pay for. You can set up many auctions and have them all start at the same time if you want to.

Signing up is free, and using the program is free. It's a great way to save on ebay fees while still getting the benefit of using ebay.

I use auctiva all the time when listing my auctions. It not only saves time but has many things that you don't have to pay for which ebay is now charging for.

One Article - How it can make you more money

If you write an article for Associated Content you have 2 options, exclusive and non-exclusive. If you chose exclusive you can not use that article any other place, but non-exclusive you can use over and over again. Now you may be wondering why I'm bringing this up. What does it matter which one you choose?

Well if you go non-exclusive, you can submit a different variation of the same article to many different places to bring in more profit for you. You can do this in less than 10 minutes.

To get the most money out of each article, you submit it other places, like Helium, make a squidoo page on it, and make a page on it at There are other pages you can submit your article to and make even more money from this one article.

So with this one article, you get paid $3-$20 at Associated Content. Helium pays you by pageviews. You won't make as much at Helium, but it's free to put your article up there and every little bit helps. Squidoo you can make profit by people buying things from Ebay that is listed on your page, and they will pay you a percentage of adsense that people click on. Hubpages you put in your information for Adsense, Amazon, and Ebay and you get paid if people buys anything or when the click on the Adsense.

With HubPages and Squidoo you can also have RSS feeds from your blog or website, which gets you more exposure to your blogs and webpages. These pages are so easy to set up that no techie knowledge is needed. At Squidoo you can pull in RSS feeds from blogs topics you choose, to make sure people go to your page, put in the subject you want then a comma, then your blogname. ex. earn cash, 10k-challenge This way it will only pull from your blog and you won't risk the people going to another blog.

To get maximum exposure add a link to your website or blog in the article. Most articles you can sneak this in easily which will get even more clicks to your sites.

At Squidoo and HubPages add a little blurb about a product from Clickbank and a link and you increase your chances of making more cash for your work.

Squidoo and HubPages are unlimited to the number of pages that you can build. After a few days they will be picked up by Google and increase your page views dramatically. You can put your own advertising on the pages for Associated Content, and links to other things in the text boxes.

With these sites having RSS feeds you really don't have to update them at all. It will be done automatically.

So with this one article that you wrote you have not only increased your page views, but hopefully more cash in your pocket. And it didn't cost you a dime!


Marketing Pond is a website that you can join for free. You can sign up and put in your membership information for the programs that you belong to and it's all listed on one easy page. It's really easy to join and use.
Now all you have to do to get referrals is send people to this page. I have gotten numerous referrals this way, it's that easy to use.
If you are looking for referrals and having problems, try Marketing Pond to get them.
Finding referrals is the hardest part of being sucessful with some programs. Referrals are an essential piece of you earning a lot of cash with the programs. Anything that you can do to make it easier is worth it.
With Marketing Pond setting the sites up takes less than 20 minutes, then all you have to do is promote the website to get people to come to it. There are about 50 different programs that you can chose from and have people sign up under you.

Get Paid to write a story on Random Acts of Kindness

Common Ties are looking for stories about Random Acts of Kindness. They are willing to pay for it also. They are now accepting audio stories.

They have the instructions on their web-blog, which tells you about payment, but here is an excerpt from their website.

Common Ties pays for the stories it publishes. Our payment guideline is between $100 and $200 per story, but this is only a guideline. You may suggest a higher or lower amount depending on what you think is an acceptable level given the quality of the story and your past publishing experience. If you record your story you will be paid an additional $150 should your recording be accepted. Common Ties mails checks within 30 days of publication.

I haven't tried it yet, I just found it today.

Lots of New Offers Posted at Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper has posted lots of new Email/zip code submit offers today. I love these, they are so easy to do, and the pay off is awesome.

I found to get them to approve quickly, do no more than 4, then come back later and do more. I use CCleaner between the offers to make sure that it's not duplicated. And I have several Email addresses that I use and switch them around alot. The zip code stays the same. If you change the zip, it's fraud, and you could get kicked off. But you can change out the emails if you have several email addresses.

I love Treasure Trooper the best because of the find the pearl game. If you find 8 pearls you can trade them in for referrals. I have gotten several referrals that way. There is no easy way to predict where the pearl will be, but you get to play it after every offer you complete. You also collect coins with each offer, these can be traded in for treasure maps, which once you complete that you can win $100 for doing that.

Some people claim that Treasure Trooper is a Scam, but it's not. They pay ontime, tell you when to expect your checks, and the layout of the easiest of them all to use. And it's the most fun.

I love Treasure Trooper. Try it out, I'm sure that you will love it too. It's so easy and fun.

July Totals - Could be much better!

Well I totaled up July's Payments, not too bad for not spending a dime. But in August, I want to do $750. A pretty hefty goal, But sometimes you got to set your goals a little higher so you can stay motivated.

I was thrown off this month because I was out of town several days, so I was out of sync when I came back.

It's really my fault that I didn't write more for Associated Content. I should of tripled what I did. I can't say anything about that except I was lazy. I had other things that I had to attend to this month.

I didn't do that good with Cashcrate, although it's a really good program that you can make a lot of money, again, I was lazy. (I'm seeing a pattern here). I should of worked harder to make more money with them.

I did Ok with Treasure Trooper, and Fairytale Treasure. I just started with Gangster Greed this month, so I am happy with them.

I did start blogsvertise this month, and already have banked $14.00 which will be paid out in August. Not too shabby I guess. Next month I become eligible for Pay Per Post, I had to have a blog for 90 days, and I have about 9 days to go!

I have alot of ideals that I want to accomplish for August. But again, I will be out of town a lot and don't know if I will accomplish it all. But I will try to get as many done as I can.

London's Advertising Directory

Are you looking for advertising places in London? I found this website that has many places available for you to choose from. London Advertising has over 1000 links in 58 catagories.

This website is the best place to find advertising on the web. They have many places listed, with many catagories such as Advertising copywriters, event agencies, even market research.

London Advertising is the place to go if you are looking for advertising this is a huge directory of listings. They are the leading directory in London.

30 day Challenge

The new 30 day challenge starts August 1.

This is from the website.

In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

That's right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won't have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.

This looks like it's going to be fun and a great learning experience.

While they have the goal at you making $10 you can apply these principals to make more. Set you goals higher while learning. We should all be making goals that we can reach. It gives something to strive for.

It's free to join, and you don't need referrals. Looks like a great experience. Hurry up and sign up today. It starts tomorrow. CYA THERE!

How to Get a Free Phone Number with Voicemail

Do you need a phone number that you can give out on buisness cards, and websites? Don't want to give out your personal numbers?

Private Phone has the phone numbers that you can get that people can call you and you don't have to give out any personal information.

Get a phone number for your area code, or chose several different numbers in different cities and states. The numbers are free.

The best thing about Private Phone is they will email you when you get a voicemail. So you can always stay in touch with your business contacts. You can even listen to it on the internet, or call in for your messages.

This is great if you are selling something on craigslist, or want people to have a phone number to contact you this is the way to do it.

I use it when I do the cash surveys, so I don't have a lot of telemarketing calls to my home or cell phone.

It took me less than 5 minutes to set up Private Phone. And it's well worth it.

Make a bundle using Craigslist

You can make money by combining Online and Offline ventures.

Finding the free things on is easy. Here is the link to that article. You can find free and cheap things on to sell at online auctions.

But you can also sell things on and make money. I have been testing it selling cars. I buy them cheap, drive about a month, then list on Craigslist and been making a nice profit doing that. Of course you have to buy the car cheap, I drive it to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with it. And it helps that my husband is a bodyman/mechanic.

I have sold some cars on ebay, but if you sell a car there, it will cost you $80.00 if you sell it and at least $40 bucks just to list it. Craigslist is free. And I usually sell the car within a few days. I don't list my phone number in the ad, they give an email that people can email you. Then I email my phone number to only the ones that are interested in the car.

Well once I accomplished selling 2 cars on craigslist and did it so fast. Others wanted to know my secret. I told them how I did it. One person paid me to list his car, because he isn't that good with computers. I took the pictures, listed the car, and it was a 15 minute process. I charged him $20 to do it, but I also am responding to the emails.

With Craigslist you can add 4 photos of your car or item your selling. You will be shocked at how many people read craigslist. I get an average of 100 hits per listing. You can list for not only the major city near you, but other cities nearby.

With the price of ebay's fees you can save people alot of money by listing on first.

Try craigslist to pocket some extra cash. Or find that treasure in your area.

WOW Look at these checks

Boy if this doesn't make a person want to work harder.

I was surfing the net today and came across this site.

There are some pretty impressive checks on this site. Makes my little measly checks look like nothing. :(

But it does inspire me to work harder. Seems that many of these big checks are from adsense ads. There is hope out there! I may one day be able to crack $100 bucks with it.

Adsense profits increased

I changed the design for adsense and noticed a little increase in the profits. I tried to make the adsense blend in more with the blog itself. That seems to be the key to doing it and making more with the adsense.

I don't understand how I could have 3 people use the search box and I not get a dime for it. Maybe someone could answer that question for me. I would think that you would be paid if they used the search box feature, maybe they have to click on another link before you get paid once the results are in.

Still the adsense profits are dismal. But I'm sure they will be increasing soon with the new design that I did for them.

Accepted with Pay Per Post

Today I signed up for Pay Per Post and the blog was accepted. However there is no avaliable articles to write about for me. So I will have to wait till something comes available.

Well now that just burst my bubble for the day. I was hoping to have a few articles to write about, because we're going away this weekend. I will spend my time writing for Associated Content more today I guess. I'm just in the writing mood, so I might as well make some cash while doing it. I have done about $20 worth of surveys already today, so I feel that I am making some progess. Treasure Trooper did put some new offers online last night, that I was quickly approved for. Yeah!

Write reviews for products

I found this website that will pay you to write reviews for them. I signed up for them to find out what it's about.

The website is Rewards Review.

Here's how it works.

You sign up for a free account. You purchase a free trial, and then write on the article. Mostly you get paid more than what you paid for the trial, but you still have to put money out upfront. There are some free items on there that you can do. These items are the same items with the survey sites. Now with the survey sites you don't have to write an article about them, but you have to pray that your approved. Just like this place, there is no absolute guarentee that you will be approved at either place.

After you order the free products, you write a blog article about them and submit them for approval. Now you can make money with the payout compared to what you paid for the trial. If you find free products to test, you will make money.

Rewards Review is a way to make extra money online.

With the free trials you will have to give a credit card number. Buy yourself a credit card that is prepaid, so you don't have to give out your personal credit card number online. It's NEVER a good ideal to use your credit card online. Right now I am fighting with a company to refund the money I never authorized. It is with my Paypal credit card. So if your using Paypal, download the Paypal Virtual number generator. This will protect you. (Which I did).

Get Easy Referrals for Your Programs

I found this website where you can get referrals for you programs. They have a huge list of programs that you probably already belong to that you can get free GOOD referrals for them.

With the getref program you can pay to upgrade your membership and earn even more credits towards referrals. Or you can use the free program, and slowly get members to sign up under you. Either way it's a win-win situation. You will get reliable referrals under you quickly using getref program. I signed up for the free program and already have sucess.

The more people you get to sign up for the getref website, the more credits you get to earn more people for your referral downline.

Of course you know that I'm not going to pay to earn money online if I don't have to, but this program you can suceed without paying a dime. I have only used it for a few days, and already am very happy with it.

Check it out here.

Accept Credit cards with a Ms.Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards for your business is vital to every businessperson. With a Ms. Merchant Account you can get these services for your business. They work with businesses of every size and every venue, they allow your business to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, American Express cards and will even have International Merchant Accounts.

With most customers purchasing everything with credit cards today every business needs a credit card merchant account. Ms. Merchant Account offer retail Credit card processing with the lowest transaction rates around.

Check out Ms. Merchant Account to see how your business can increase with credit card transactions. And you will rest easier knowing that you are paying a low transaction fee.

*sponser paid*

New Program to make blog money

Today was my first post for Blogsvertise. I was approved quickly with that program.

What it is:

You write reviews about websites that they send you. Each website has different requirements so you have to read each website that you review. It looks like you have to link to the website your reviewing 3x and write at least 75 words on the website. It's actually pretty easy.

They will pay you between 4-20 bucks for each one that you review.

Check it out today and sign up so your blog can start earning money.

I was approved within 24 hours and had a review waiting for me as soon as I logged in.

Discount Click Online Marketing Service

Discount Click is an online marketing service that will help you make money with your website or blog. Discount Click offers webmasters top rankings with search engine promotions that are affordable for any website to use. The benefits are higher traffic and more sales to you. They work with all the major Search Engines. With Discount Click you can start seeing results within as little as 2 weeks. They achieve this in several different ways.

They offer SEO services that will find and use the best Meta-tags for your site. They analyze not only your site to find the best keyword phrases to use they will also analyze your competitor sites to get the best results for your site. They also offer Email List management and procession. Use their announcements and newsletters to personalize your email management to your customers. This makes it easy for your customers to sign up for your newsletters. This can be customized for you to get the best newsletter to your customers. Discount Click is always improving their products so you will stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Discount Click offers you many in-depth reports and graphs for review by you. Always know how your website is doing with these up to the minute reports and graphs. Track your website stats with one of their many reports, such as Ranking results, Cost per visitor, keyword ranking, links to your sites, and click tracking, just to mention a few of the reports that they offer. With the reports you can always know how well your online site is going.

With all that they offer a website you can clearly see how this can be a win-win situation and more positive exposure for you site.

Gangster Greed - You choose the Payday!

I signed up yesterday for Gangster greed . It's another survey site, but now I have it down to a managable science. I do about 5 surveys on each site, and still make a decent amount of money each day.

The thing I like most about Gangster Greed is anytime you have more than $10 earned you can cash out. They pay with Paypal. This is a great way if you need cash in the middle of the month. (and who doesn't).

I have done several of them but so far haven't cashed out. I should be able to cash out in a day or 2.

I never sign up for surveys that ask for SS# or other real personal information. I never use my own credit card if I sign up for something that requires a credit card. I purchase a prepaid visa card to do that. If you sign up for trial offers you get the big bucks from the surveys. But most of the free trials require a credit card. That's why I spend $20.00 to earn back big money. Usually you can make a nice profit from doing it that way.

Test out Gangstergreed here. This program will pay you more if you get referrals under you. If you sign up for one of my programs, and send me a link to a program that I am not signed up for, I will sign up under yours as long as it a free program to sign up for.

Finding stuff to sell on Ebay for FREE

Craigslist has many categories one of the categories is FREE. I was shocked when I saw what people gave away for free.

Today when I looked there was a 5 gallon bucket of Behr's paint. It has never been opened and it is white paint. You can't beat that. While that isn't something that I would want to sell on ebay, I still inquired about it for a yard sale item. I can pick it up close to home, and won't take allot of gas to go get it.

I have seen over 400 books that someone was getting rid of, because they were moving and didn't want to take them, books are easy to sell on ebay. She had many of the newest books. I wasn't able to get to her in time to go get the books. But that would of been a great pickup and would be a great profit if I could of gotten to her in time.

People give away appliances, furniture, table and chairs, and outdoor furniture. Many ads do say that it's still in excellent condition.

Saturday afternoons is the best time to find the free stuff. They do have free stuff all week long, but on Saturdays, people are placing ads to get rid of left over yard sale items. They don't want to haul them off themselves.

Selling on craigslist is easy, the only drawback is that you get strangers coming to your home. I have sold cars on craigslists, and never put my number in the ad, and sold a few of them on there. Craigslists is free to advertise, which is a bonus.

You don't even have to really sell on ebay, if you find something free, you can re-post it on craigslist for a profit.

This is a real easy way to make extra money. You do have to pick the stuff up, but check out craigslist to find the "free" items for a profit.

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation. I had a blast. It was an experience. But now it's back to work.

While I was gone, I didn't have internet access alot of the time, and I realized that I'm addicted to the internet. I was going through withdrawl. But I survived that.

I made some money while I was gone due to the referral on some programs. That was really cool. I loved that part. I made money on Treasure Trooper and cashcrate and fairytale treasure without doing anything. I am still using Agloco for easy money. I wrote some articles for Associated Content that needs typed and uploaded today. I will catch up on everything tomorrow.

Out of Town

I will be going out of town, not sure when I will have a connection for the laptop. I may not update the site for a few days. I will try and update as much as possible.

Cafe Press, Lulu, and Zazzle and more

New month, new goals.

This month I have so much that I want to accomplish.

I have a busy month, will be out of town for about 2 weeks this month, so I have to work harder while I am here to get everything done.

I was searching for places to sell things online. Places I can use several of my designs, and create products. I want to make money, but don't want to keep designing everytime. I want to use my basic designs and photos and have it already to sell. Ok I will admit that does sound kind of lazy, but I think of it as working smarter, not harder. (That does sound better)

So here are some that I came across. I will post the links to my stores once I get them up and running. I plan to have stores at all these places this month.

I am getting some photos ready for my CafePress store. Going to upload and design some products. I had a store for many years, just never got around to doing anything with it. I have a ton of old photos that I can use. One day - ahh the famous thought- one day - I plan on writing a book.

CafePress is easy to upload the images to for them to do the design. In fact they even have templates that you can download so that you get the right size for the product. THey have a template for every product that they have there. Here is the link for all their templates. I would suggest using the templates so that each product comes out perfect.

Now chosing what products to design. CafePress has many products. For those of you that have a store there, do you have every product? Or do you choose a few from their selection? They have many different products to choose from. I see where I can do my calendars from there also. Cool deal. They have photos, calendars, stickers, and now offer CD's and even pillows.

Reading at CafePress I can make the stuff, and promote the store and make money. That sounds easy enough. This is something that isn't going to take alot of my time everyday and still can bring me in money.
Lulu is another print on demand company. This place is more for books, calendars, and you can do ebooks there. It's free to sign up, and upload your work and promote it. They have digital downloads for photos, which you can price yourself. They don't offer T-shirts or photo prints. But looks like a great place to sell ebooks. Actually I bet you can make one design and sell the same thing on all these places. I will check into that later. is alot like CafePress. They have it so you can do Mugs, Tshirts, and offer greeting cards and postcards you can use your designs and sell from there. Like CafePress you can open your own store, and promote it. They offer hats, pictures and picture frames, mousepads, and bumper stickers. they say you can make up to 17% on every sale. That's a decent mark up. It's free to sign up and get your store. They offer 24 hour shipping. I like places that offer fast shipping.

Smugmug rocks if you have photos. I have an account there already where I have allot of photos. This isn't a free account, but if you want to sell your photos, this is a great place to go. They're support absolutly ROCKS. I love the way they get back to you.

I will write a post later on places to upload and sell photos. I have many places saved.

June Totals

Another month is over. I can't belive it's gone already. Time to total up the month's progress.

Total for the month of June

Online Money Earned:

Associated Content = $153.26
Cash Crate $141.72
Treasure Trooper $37.80 (started end of month)
Fairy Tale Treasure $19.97 (started end of month)
Adsense (drumroll) $.03
Paid Emails $0.13 (this is so not worth it to me)

Total for June: $352.21

Not too bad at all... Total I paid out to earn this money - ZERO! I can't see paying to earn money. Next month should be more because I started Treasure Trooper and Fairy Tale Treasures just about a week ago.

But still got 4 referrals in Treasure trooper, and didn't have to work for it. I like treasure trooper the best of them all. They give you referrals easily, earn 8 pearls by completing offers and you can get 2 referrals.

Goals for July:
Next month, I am planning on finally opening the cafepress store, and check out zazzle to open a store there.

My photos online aren't selling well at all. :( I have to really push them next month to try to get them to sell.

I plan on getting more referrals for the programs.

I plan on writing more articles, and finding other places to sell them too. So that I have one article that is used many places. I will write about that adventure.

But I am proof that if you try hard enough you can make money. I work no more than 2 hours a day on earning money. I have learned alot this month on how to do it. Next month will only be better.

About the paid to read emails

I signed up for a paid to read email site, just to see if it was worth the time. Well, what I learned was shocking.

Concept seemed pretty simple, and actually it is. But its very time consuming for little pay. You have to stay on a website for 10-30 seconds for .015 cents. That is less than a penny. To make 15 cents you have to visit 10 pages. It will take you 100 pages of viewing to reach 1.50. That takes alot of time.

In that same time you could of done one article for Associated Content and made a minimum of $3.00, done surveys at Cashcrate, FairytaleTreasures, or Treasure Trooper and made cash.

You could have worked on your blog, or website getting traffic to them which will pay off in the end.

Time is money, time is precious, don't waste time by working on low paying returns. Choose your online projects carefully, for the most money for your time.

Work Smarter not Harder is the key to making the most money online.

Good News about Treasure Trooper

I was credited $12.00, with ($73.00 pending) today using Treasure Trooper. And the best news is 1 got 2 referrals already. And I didn't have to do anything. I earned enough "pearls" and got the referrals. I am so excited. I have 4 pearls already for my next payout to get 2 more referrals. This is too easy to do.

Many of the surveys you only have to put in your email address or your zip code to make quick money. I spend about 30-45 minutes a day on this site, do the daily survey, do the trivia game, and figure I should clear about 200.00 a month from the site. Not bad. This will work nicely with the challenge.

I am not putting all my eggs in one basket. This is one of 3 survey places that I am doing. I do cash crate, and just signed up for Fairytale Treasures. I will update on Fairytale treasures when I play with it a few weeks. Right now it's kind of confusing. Unlike Cash Crate, and Treasure Trooper.

The thing that I like best about treasure trooper is it's easy. They give you more chances to play and win more with the pearl game, and they will give you free referrals by cashing in pearls. Check it out today, and start earning. I got 2 referrals already in less than 4 days, imagine how many I will get in a month, with my own referrals, and the ones that I win from the site.

This is the one that I am testing now. I will report when I get some good feedback on it.

The best thing about all of these, is you can do them while getting your 5 hours doing Agloco.

In conclusion, I am spending about 4 hours a day working online, and slowly making a difference, noticing that I am making more money every month that I am working at this online.

Treasure Trooper Looks like a Winner

I have been monitoring the Treasure Trooper website. Testing it out. Seeing if there is a way that this can bring in some money. I am quite pleased with it.

It's a survey website, where you get paid to complete surveys, but this one has a bonus and I really like it. When you complete a survey you have a game to play. It has 3 clam shells that you click on one to find a pearl. If you collect 8 pearls, you can cash them in and the next 2 referrals that sign up at Treasure Trooper will go into your downline. Now that is one easy way to started on referrals. You trade in the pearls at the Trading Hut.

At Cash Crate I never saw anything like that to give you free referrals. I think Treasure Trooper is awesome for doing that. I was on the website for 20 minutes last night, made 5.80 cents doing surveys, and completed the daily surveys. I also collected 9 pearls! I will be trading them in soon to get my referrals.

They have contests going on all the time at Treasure Trooper, they pay pretty well with the prizes. I am very hopeful with this site.

The site is easy to navigate, and with some of the surveys all you have to do is put in your email address, or zip code and you will get paid.

I love the fact that after they approve the surveys that you get an email stating that its been approved.

You can use variences of your email address and still have your email come to you. If your email is you can use or the emails will not really notice the periods that you add to it. This is great if you use both Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper, you won't get the error message that it you have already done the survey.

One other note about doing surveys, clear your cookies after each survey. This will help you get more surveys done without errors.

You can sign up for Treasure Trooper here. If you haven't signed up for Cash Crate, here is the link. Even if you only do the daily surveys everyday for a month, that is almost 50 bucks. But at Treasure Trooper you must do a few surveys to get enough pearls to get the free referrals!!!


Today I signed up for Agloco. I was hesitant about signing up because I didn't want a huge bar across the top of the screen with advertisers messages flashing while I was surfing the web. But this isn't what Agloco is about. Sure there is a little bar, but you don't notice it at all. Its small and sits right above the tool bar at the bottom. I don't even know its there. But I am making money while surfing the web at the moment.

Your allowed 5 hours a month that you will be paid for. Which that is a piece of cake for anyone. But if I'm going to be working online anyhow, I might as well get paid for it.
You can sign up for it here.

Start making your own money while surfing. They do have a referral program that pays you when the people you refer to the site surfs also. It goes 5 levels deep. You can really accumulate a lot of downline this way. Now that is easy money. Some people are making a lot of money from the site, and I can see why everyone is downloading the software and signing it. It's so easy to make some quick cash doing this.

If you sign up 10 people. And JUST 10 people. and they each sign up 10 people you will be paid for 138,892 HOURS a month! That's even hard to think about. And that is you doing just minimum effort. Imagine if you really worked at getting more people to sign up directly under you. Remember this will go 5 levels deep with referrals. So Sign up and get your 10 referrals for a great payday. That is my goal. 10 people. I will raise that goal once I get to my 10 - but its a starting point. I already have 1 person signed up under me. All I need is 9 more to reach this goal.

They pay monthly. You must sign up for this program soon, to get the maximum number of down lines as possible.

Sign up here.