Making money with referrals

I haven't done a survey at cash crate in awhile, so honestly I have been slack with everything online. But the great news is I am still making money with these places. I have made 27.50 this month alone just from my referrals. That's great news to know that I will get money without having the time to do it myself. At Treasure Trooper I have referrals that make me money every month also. It's been great to make the extra cash knowing that I don't have the time myself.

Getting referrals isn't easy, but with networking and posting at forums with the link back to the blog helps alot. It doesn't take much time, and the pay off will gradually increase. Every month I am getting more referrals that are making me money. If you would like to make money every month with referrals, here are some easy ways to do it.

Make a blog
Making a blog is easy, and free. Write about your experience, give any new tips that you think will help others earn money online. To get traffic to your blog, visit other blogs and post comments with a link back to your blog. Posting your earnings, or showing photos of your check that you recieve will show people that money can really be made.

Have a link in your name on forums back to your blog. If you post at popular blogs regualy this will increase traffic to your blog, where you have your links for your links.

Add links in your signauture section of your email. If your friends see you making money, they will join. I have friends that follow my blog and join the different programs because they know that these places are ligitmiate.

Social networking
Myspace, stumbleupon, and the newest Zubby are great places to place a link back to your blog so that people can visit your blog.

These are just a few ideals that will help you make money every month. Stay tuned, more to come.

Within a few weeks you will notice that your referrals will increase thus making you money. How awesome is that.

Being slack - but making goals

Well as you can tell I haven't updated the blog for awhile. Working fulltime, trying to get the website ready and getting ready to sell my house and move hasn't left much time to do anything else. I have been researching though online. Found some great ebooks that were free that I will be posting on here soon to share with you.

I am going to finally moved around the beginning of the year, then I will get back into this big time after the holidays. I do have some notes written, and allot of plans to really vamp up my online earnings next year. Already I have some money coming in everymonth from Associated Content, and hubpages. I know that I can do so much more and earn even more money next year with these places. I just need to write out the plan and stick to it.

I am thinking of the ways that I can make $100 a day everyday without working 24 hours a day. That is going to be the goal for next year. $100 a day. Now since I have the goal, I need to make the plans, the baby steps that will take me to that level. I know it can be done. It's just going to take alot of work to get there.

But then if you break it down, I only need 10 things that will make $10 a day. So looking at it that way doesn't seem so impossible. And it doesn't have to be online always. If I can do something for a few hours a week and earn $70 that will count as 1 of the $10 a day requirements. So I think, it's just how you think about approaching it. Saying making $100 a day sounds impossible, but having 10 smaller things sounds better.

So far my plan is:
Write 2 articles a day for Associated Content. That will bring me my $10 for that. Now Somedays I won't feel like writing, Somedays I write more, so I will save the ones written and post them 2 everyday. Somedays I will be doing video's some days I may just upload photos for the slideshows. I have enough photos to do either quickly. I would like to spend a few hours once a week and get this out of the way for the week. Plus with the pageview bonus every month, it will help.

Surveys: I plan on sticking with 2 of them, each one doing $5 a day on each one. This should take me less than 30 minutes a day. If I do cashcrate, I can do 2 surveys quickly and earn $1.60 a day in no time.

So far my plan has me up to $20 a day and I will be working less than 2 hours.

So now I only have to do 8 more things which I haven't a clue yet on what I'm going to do, but I do know I will be making a website for affiliate income, and clickbank income.

I am hoping to do more pay per post, which will help boost my income. I haven't added that into my plan yet.

How do you plan on making more money online in '08?