June Totals

Another month is over. I can't belive it's gone already. Time to total up the month's progress.

Total for the month of June

Online Money Earned:

Associated Content = $153.26
Cash Crate $141.72
Treasure Trooper $37.80 (started end of month)
Fairy Tale Treasure $19.97 (started end of month)
Adsense (drumroll) $.03
Paid Emails $0.13 (this is so not worth it to me)

Total for June: $352.21

Not too bad at all... Total I paid out to earn this money - ZERO! I can't see paying to earn money. Next month should be more because I started Treasure Trooper and Fairy Tale Treasures just about a week ago.

But still got 4 referrals in Treasure trooper, and didn't have to work for it. I like treasure trooper the best of them all. They give you referrals easily, earn 8 pearls by completing offers and you can get 2 referrals.

Goals for July:
Next month, I am planning on finally opening the cafepress store, and check out zazzle to open a store there.

My photos online aren't selling well at all. :( I have to really push them next month to try to get them to sell.

I plan on getting more referrals for the programs.

I plan on writing more articles, and finding other places to sell them too. So that I have one article that is used many places. I will write about that adventure.

But I am proof that if you try hard enough you can make money. I work no more than 2 hours a day on earning money. I have learned alot this month on how to do it. Next month will only be better.

About the paid to read emails

I signed up for a paid to read email site, just to see if it was worth the time. Well, what I learned was shocking.

Concept seemed pretty simple, and actually it is. But its very time consuming for little pay. You have to stay on a website for 10-30 seconds for .015 cents. That is less than a penny. To make 15 cents you have to visit 10 pages. It will take you 100 pages of viewing to reach 1.50. That takes alot of time.

In that same time you could of done one article for Associated Content and made a minimum of $3.00, done surveys at Cashcrate, FairytaleTreasures, or Treasure Trooper and made cash.

You could have worked on your blog, or website getting traffic to them which will pay off in the end.

Time is money, time is precious, don't waste time by working on low paying returns. Choose your online projects carefully, for the most money for your time.

Work Smarter not Harder is the key to making the most money online.

Good News about Treasure Trooper

I was credited $12.00, with ($73.00 pending) today using Treasure Trooper. And the best news is 1 got 2 referrals already. And I didn't have to do anything. I earned enough "pearls" and got the referrals. I am so excited. I have 4 pearls already for my next payout to get 2 more referrals. This is too easy to do.

Many of the surveys you only have to put in your email address or your zip code to make quick money. I spend about 30-45 minutes a day on this site, do the daily survey, do the trivia game, and figure I should clear about 200.00 a month from the site. Not bad. This will work nicely with the challenge.

I am not putting all my eggs in one basket. This is one of 3 survey places that I am doing. I do cash crate, and just signed up for Fairytale Treasures. I will update on Fairytale treasures when I play with it a few weeks. Right now it's kind of confusing. Unlike Cash Crate, and Treasure Trooper.

The thing that I like best about treasure trooper is it's easy. They give you more chances to play and win more with the pearl game, and they will give you free referrals by cashing in pearls. Check it out today, and start earning. I got 2 referrals already in less than 4 days, imagine how many I will get in a month, with my own referrals, and the ones that I win from the site.

This is the one that I am testing now. I will report when I get some good feedback on it.

The best thing about all of these, is you can do them while getting your 5 hours doing Agloco.

In conclusion, I am spending about 4 hours a day working online, and slowly making a difference, noticing that I am making more money every month that I am working at this online.

Treasure Trooper Looks like a Winner

I have been monitoring the Treasure Trooper website. Testing it out. Seeing if there is a way that this can bring in some money. I am quite pleased with it.

It's a survey website, where you get paid to complete surveys, but this one has a bonus and I really like it. When you complete a survey you have a game to play. It has 3 clam shells that you click on one to find a pearl. If you collect 8 pearls, you can cash them in and the next 2 referrals that sign up at Treasure Trooper will go into your downline. Now that is one easy way to started on referrals. You trade in the pearls at the Trading Hut.

At Cash Crate I never saw anything like that to give you free referrals. I think Treasure Trooper is awesome for doing that. I was on the website for 20 minutes last night, made 5.80 cents doing surveys, and completed the daily surveys. I also collected 9 pearls! I will be trading them in soon to get my referrals.

They have contests going on all the time at Treasure Trooper, they pay pretty well with the prizes. I am very hopeful with this site.

The site is easy to navigate, and with some of the surveys all you have to do is put in your email address, or zip code and you will get paid.

I love the fact that after they approve the surveys that you get an email stating that its been approved.

You can use variences of your email address and still have your email come to you. If your email is thisisme@email.com you can use this.is.me@email.com or thisis.me@email.com the emails will not really notice the periods that you add to it. This is great if you use both Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper, you won't get the error message that it you have already done the survey.

One other note about doing surveys, clear your cookies after each survey. This will help you get more surveys done without errors.

You can sign up for Treasure Trooper here. If you haven't signed up for Cash Crate, here is the link. Even if you only do the daily surveys everyday for a month, that is almost 50 bucks. But at Treasure Trooper you must do a few surveys to get enough pearls to get the free referrals!!!


Today I signed up for Agloco. I was hesitant about signing up because I didn't want a huge bar across the top of the screen with advertisers messages flashing while I was surfing the web. But this isn't what Agloco is about. Sure there is a little bar, but you don't notice it at all. Its small and sits right above the tool bar at the bottom. I don't even know its there. But I am making money while surfing the web at the moment.

Your allowed 5 hours a month that you will be paid for. Which that is a piece of cake for anyone. But if I'm going to be working online anyhow, I might as well get paid for it.
You can sign up for it here.

Start making your own money while surfing. They do have a referral program that pays you when the people you refer to the site surfs also. It goes 5 levels deep. You can really accumulate a lot of downline this way. Now that is easy money. Some people are making a lot of money from the site, and I can see why everyone is downloading the software and signing it. It's so easy to make some quick cash doing this.

If you sign up 10 people. And JUST 10 people. and they each sign up 10 people you will be paid for 138,892 HOURS a month! That's even hard to think about. And that is you doing just minimum effort. Imagine if you really worked at getting more people to sign up directly under you. Remember this will go 5 levels deep with referrals. So Sign up and get your 10 referrals for a great payday. That is my goal. 10 people. I will raise that goal once I get to my 10 - but its a starting point. I already have 1 person signed up under me. All I need is 9 more to reach this goal.

They pay monthly. You must sign up for this program soon, to get the maximum number of down lines as possible.

Sign up here.

Update on DayTipper - SCAM?

I submitted 22 tips to daytipper.com Only 1 was accepted. Now I had some really good tips, but they rejected most of them. I have no idea when I will be getting paid for them. It's really not worth it.

On their homepage they have statistics. 19,614 tips submitted and 5,240 accepted, yet they only have 2,131 tips published. Seems that they may not have the money to pay out to the people, at this rate my tip will never get published, and I will not ever get paid. Seems that they only publish a few tips a day.

The rejection rate seems very high. They only accept a quarter of what is submitted. This is a waste of time. Don't even bother with them. The concept is great, $3.00 for each tip, but waiting to get paid sucks.

I still like Associated Content, where you know when you will get paid, and they pay you on time

The secret to Free Hotel Rooms and Free Money

Well I'm back from my vacation. We went to Harrah's Casino in Cherokee North Carolina.

We go there a few times a year, about once every 4 months. We don't spend alot of money gambling, but we did learn a secret on how to get free money from the Casino and other free things. We signed up for a Total Rewards Card the first time we were there. This is a free card that they give you to track your winnings, and get you on their mailing list. Both my husband and I signed up.

What we got free:

This weekend, we had 3 nights free Hotel stay in their casino. They send you free cash to play with, One of the offers was good for June 1st -June 14th, the other was good June 15th-June 30th. So by timing our stay on June 14th, we were able to use all the free money. (which this month, they gave us $55.00 each coupon), which is way up from the usualy $5-$10 that they send. So we got $220.00 to play in the casino by combining the dates. Not bad.
We got free dinners there by using the comps that we accomulated there by playing the games using the Total Rewards Cards when we play. Our breakfast cost us $1.38 after using comps.

The nice thing is you don't have to use that money in the casino. We could of cashed in the money, and went off the property to visit other sites. We did go around Cherokee which was really nice.

But I did manage to win $120.00 playing Keno which is going in my challenge.

The total cost for the weekend for us was $150.00, which was spent sight seeing, and gasoline. Which isn't bad for 2 people for 3 days. in fact we were happy that was all we spent.

If you want to have a great time, and get great comps, and bonuses, sign up at your nearest casino. See what benefits their rewards cards get you.

Weekend Vacation Time


Its Vacation time. Well at least a weekend trip.

I will return on Monday June 18th. Full of fresh ideals and ready to continue making money online.

Cya then!

Greeting Card Content

Writing for greeting cards

Now there is an idea that sounds simple. Just write a few heartfelt cards and make money.
Blue Mountain greeting cards are awesome, they know just what to say when you don't. They can tell the person exactly what your feeling, when you just can't find the words to do it yourself.

They are also looking for writers right now. Their list of requirements are not that long. The writing guidelines is what they are looking for. You can even email them your card content that you are submitting. If they accept it you will be paid $300. Now that's some good money for not writing alot.

If you have a creative mind, and can write for greeting cards, check this out.

Freelance Writers Needed - Work from home

A website looking for article submissions.

Telecommuting writing Jobs website are looking for writers for their newsletters. They pay a minimum of $15 per article. The rights aren't even non-exclusive.

The articles that they are looking for are ones that will teach something, like how to make more money writing. They want article that will benefit not only new writers but experienced writers.

If you think that you can meet their requirements, submit your articles to articles@telecommuting-writing-jobs.com.

If they are interested in your article they will get back to you within a week. They will pay by PayPal.

Share a Tip and Earn

Earn $100

Dollar Stretcher has an ongoing contest to win $100.00.

Submit a money saving tip to them and if your tip is published, they will pay you the money.

www.stretcher.com has many great tips that have been submitted by different people about saving money, earning money, and investing. They have articles on many useful things that are money related.

This is the ad from their newsletter;

"What would you do with an extra $100? Last month Patricia of Madisonville, TN
won a $100 check just for sending in a favorite time or money saving idea. This month it could be you. Just send your suggestion by mailto:Tips@stretcher.com."

Their welcome page is here.

Check it out for many great tips to save and earn money.


ReadersPaid is a website that you get paid to read websites. They do have some surveys, with different payouts amounts. You can order samples for more money paid to you.
The approval payout is done quickly, you can check on the website within a matter of a few minutes that the amount has been credited to your account. That is the nice thing about the website, you don't have to wait days to find out if your approved.

Get paid more with referrals, the more you get in a downline, the more that you make. This is a chart on their website telling how you can make money using a downline, you will make money if you have as few as 10 people under you.

The ads change daily, so checking into the website everyday will give you the most option to earn money. They will payout with Paypal once a month when you have $20 in your account.

Check out the website. Its an easy way to earn more money online.

Again if you don't want to give up your personal phone number sign up for a free phone number at Private Phone. This is free, and makes you feel so much better about giving out a phone number. All calls to your Private Phone number will go to voicemail. Once you have voicemail you will receive an email and you log in to your account and listen to it.

List on Ebay

I have used Ebay for years now, it has come in handy more than once. I have paid several bills by listing on ebay. Summertime isn't really a good time for people to purchase, but it's a great time to buy for ebay.

Yardsales are stocked full of Ebay goodies. You can buy things at a fraction of their costs and make a great bargain. I yardsale every weekend and about once a month I will list things on Ebay.

Ebay is also a great place to sell things like vehicles. This is one vehicle that I have listed now. It was easy to list the vehicle, and take the photos.

Ebay is the #1 place that people go to look for bargains. If your looking for things to sell, or to buy, this is the place to be.

This car if it sells will add nicely to my savings account. Although I didn't list the car for much more than I paid for it, it still will help. Hopefully I can sell this car and buy and sell another.

Opening a store on Ebay is easy. Go to ebay.com and see how easy it is. I plan on opening a store soon.
Start selling online today! Open a storefront on eBay!

To list things quickly on ebay I use the free online program Auctiva. Here you can list your items, store your photos, and schedule your listings to when you want them to start. Save your listings and reuse them for later, and it will save you so much time. You can use up to 18 photos for vehicle listings and not pay an extra dime for any of them! How sweet is that.

Day Tipper

I checked out a new website this week. Daytipper. This website is free to join and will pay you $3.00 for every tip they accept and publish. I had submitted 3 tips which I tought were good tips. but they were all rejected.

I'm not ready to knock down this website yet. Maybe they already had these tips, or just didn't see a need for them. The website still is a good place to earn quick money I think.

You submit the tip, wait for them to accept it. Once they do, and they publish it they will deposit $3.00 in your PayPal. You don't have to write a whole article on the tip, just clearly state the tip. If you can find tips that they will accept, you can make some real money here. It doesn't take any time at all to type up the tips and submit them.

Since you don't get any credit for sending people over to the website you can apply and sign up at www.daytipper.com . Check it out, you maybe able to make yourself some quick cash.

Associated Content - Still earning more money

Associated Content is going great. I got more articles accepted last night. They are paying several times a week now.
And I'm getting quite a few hits from them. I am saving the money in my paypal account where I am earning interest.
I found this cool website today that is 1 million links, 1000000 Links and added this website to it. Just to see what happens. I think it will be pretty cool to be added to this site.

Cash Crate Earnings

I earned another $7.50 with CashCrate This wasn't all that hard. I do have a few people under me that contribute to this balance. This place really isn't that bad, it doesn't take long to do the surveys.
The surveys all ask the same questions, So you want to clear your cookies after each time you do a survey. That's easy to do. If your using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Then on this popup box chose to delete cookies and temporary Internet files. Click apply then close.

Its that simple.

CashCrate is a site that does pay out with check monthly, and have a low payout of $10.00. sign up here

May Overview Of Online Cash

I am shocked at how much money I made with Associated Content. I can usually write a decent article in about 30-45 minutes. I have about 20 articles written and submitted so far. Then the best part is, I can still earn money from these articles. I am able to get paid from the Page Views when people go to the articles and read them. This is a win-win situation for me. I am able to write in my spare time, as much as I want and get paid.

Associated Content pays 3 times a week. So i know if I have articles submitted, and they accepted them that I will be getting paid Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. The money is put into my PayPal account and collects interest while it is there. I am leaving it in the PayPal account just to collect the interest. I could take it out with a paypal debit card, but it's fine where it is.

I did cut grass for the neighbor twice. I made 50.00 there. That's not bad it only took about 2 hours to do it both times. And I got some free exercise.
The scrapbooking didn't pay that well. I made $20.00. But again that didn't take long to do and I enjoyed it.

For June, I am planning on going back to sell on eBay statrting to hit the yardsales and Thrift stores hard this month. eBay is a way to make fast cash. As long as you get lucky and will find a good bargain it will happen.

Good Luck with your challenge. Please post your progress for May. Let's see how everyone is doing.

Article for saving

Saving a large amount of money can be hard to do but setting small goals will make it easier to do. To break it down to small goals, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.
Read more of the article here