30 day Challenge

The new 30 day challenge starts August 1.

This is from the website.

In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

That's right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won't have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.

This looks like it's going to be fun and a great learning experience.

While they have the goal at you making $10 you can apply these principals to make more. Set you goals higher while learning. We should all be making goals that we can reach. It gives something to strive for.

It's free to join, and you don't need referrals. Looks like a great experience. Hurry up and sign up today. It starts tomorrow. CYA THERE!

How to Get a Free Phone Number with Voicemail

Do you need a phone number that you can give out on buisness cards, and websites? Don't want to give out your personal numbers?

Private Phone has the phone numbers that you can get that people can call you and you don't have to give out any personal information.

Get a phone number for your area code, or chose several different numbers in different cities and states. The numbers are free.

The best thing about Private Phone is they will email you when you get a voicemail. So you can always stay in touch with your business contacts. You can even listen to it on the internet, or call in for your messages.

This is great if you are selling something on craigslist, or want people to have a phone number to contact you this is the way to do it.

I use it when I do the cash surveys, so I don't have a lot of telemarketing calls to my home or cell phone.

It took me less than 5 minutes to set up Private Phone. And it's well worth it.

Make a bundle using Craigslist

You can make money by combining Online and Offline ventures.

Finding the free things on Craigslist.com is easy. Here is the link to that article. You can find free and cheap things on Craigslist.com to sell at online auctions.

But you can also sell things on craigslist.com and make money. I have been testing it selling cars. I buy them cheap, drive about a month, then list on Craigslist and been making a nice profit doing that. Of course you have to buy the car cheap, I drive it to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with it. And it helps that my husband is a bodyman/mechanic.

I have sold some cars on ebay, but if you sell a car there, it will cost you $80.00 if you sell it and at least $40 bucks just to list it. Craigslist is free. And I usually sell the car within a few days. I don't list my phone number in the ad, they give an email that people can email you. Then I email my phone number to only the ones that are interested in the car.

Well once I accomplished selling 2 cars on craigslist and did it so fast. Others wanted to know my secret. I told them how I did it. One person paid me to list his car, because he isn't that good with computers. I took the pictures, listed the car, and it was a 15 minute process. I charged him $20 to do it, but I also am responding to the emails.

With Craigslist you can add 4 photos of your car or item your selling. You will be shocked at how many people read craigslist. I get an average of 100 hits per listing. You can list for not only the major city near you, but other cities nearby.

With the price of ebay's fees you can save people alot of money by listing on craigslist.com first.

Try craigslist to pocket some extra cash. Or find that treasure in your area.

WOW Look at these checks

Boy if this doesn't make a person want to work harder.

I was surfing the net today and came across this site.

There are some pretty impressive checks on this site. Makes my little measly checks look like nothing. :(

But it does inspire me to work harder. Seems that many of these big checks are from adsense ads. There is hope out there! I may one day be able to crack $100 bucks with it.

Adsense profits increased

I changed the design for adsense and noticed a little increase in the profits. I tried to make the adsense blend in more with the blog itself. That seems to be the key to doing it and making more with the adsense.

I don't understand how I could have 3 people use the search box and I not get a dime for it. Maybe someone could answer that question for me. I would think that you would be paid if they used the search box feature, maybe they have to click on another link before you get paid once the results are in.

Still the adsense profits are dismal. But I'm sure they will be increasing soon with the new design that I did for them.

Accepted with Pay Per Post

Today I signed up for Pay Per Post and the blog was accepted. However there is no avaliable articles to write about for me. So I will have to wait till something comes available.

Well now that just burst my bubble for the day. I was hoping to have a few articles to write about, because we're going away this weekend. I will spend my time writing for Associated Content more today I guess. I'm just in the writing mood, so I might as well make some cash while doing it. I have done about $20 worth of surveys already today, so I feel that I am making some progess. Treasure Trooper did put some new offers online last night, that I was quickly approved for. Yeah!

Write reviews for products

I found this website that will pay you to write reviews for them. I signed up for them to find out what it's about.

The website is Rewards Review.

Here's how it works.

You sign up for a free account. You purchase a free trial, and then write on the article. Mostly you get paid more than what you paid for the trial, but you still have to put money out upfront. There are some free items on there that you can do. These items are the same items with the survey sites. Now with the survey sites you don't have to write an article about them, but you have to pray that your approved. Just like this place, there is no absolute guarentee that you will be approved at either place.

After you order the free products, you write a blog article about them and submit them for approval. Now you can make money with the payout compared to what you paid for the trial. If you find free products to test, you will make money.

Rewards Review is a way to make extra money online.

With the free trials you will have to give a credit card number. Buy yourself a credit card that is prepaid, so you don't have to give out your personal credit card number online. It's NEVER a good ideal to use your credit card online. Right now I am fighting with a company to refund the money I never authorized. It is with my Paypal credit card. So if your using Paypal, download the Paypal Virtual number generator. This will protect you. (Which I did).

Get Easy Referrals for Your Programs

I found this website getref.com where you can get referrals for you programs. They have a huge list of programs that you probably already belong to that you can get free GOOD referrals for them.

With the getref program you can pay to upgrade your membership and earn even more credits towards referrals. Or you can use the free program, and slowly get members to sign up under you. Either way it's a win-win situation. You will get reliable referrals under you quickly using getref program. I signed up for the free program and already have sucess.

The more people you get to sign up for the getref website, the more credits you get to earn more people for your referral downline.

Of course you know that I'm not going to pay to earn money online if I don't have to, but this program you can suceed without paying a dime. I have only used it for a few days, and already am very happy with it.

Check it out here.

Accept Credit cards with a Ms.Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards for your business is vital to every businessperson. With a Ms. Merchant Account you can get these services for your business. They work with businesses of every size and every venue, they allow your business to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, American Express cards and will even have International Merchant Accounts.

With most customers purchasing everything with credit cards today every business needs a credit card merchant account. Ms. Merchant Account offer retail Credit card processing with the lowest transaction rates around.

Check out Ms. Merchant Account to see how your business can increase with credit card transactions. And you will rest easier knowing that you are paying a low transaction fee.

*sponser paid*

New Program to make blog money

Today was my first post for Blogsvertise. I was approved quickly with that program.

What it is:

You write reviews about websites that they send you. Each website has different requirements so you have to read each website that you review. It looks like you have to link to the website your reviewing 3x and write at least 75 words on the website. It's actually pretty easy.

They will pay you between 4-20 bucks for each one that you review.

Check it out today and sign up so your blog can start earning money. www.blogsvertise.com

I was approved within 24 hours and had a review waiting for me as soon as I logged in.

Discount Click Online Marketing Service

Discount Click is an online marketing service that will help you make money with your website or blog. Discount Click offers webmasters top rankings with search engine promotions that are affordable for any website to use. The benefits are higher traffic and more sales to you. They work with all the major Search Engines. With Discount Click you can start seeing results within as little as 2 weeks. They achieve this in several different ways.

They offer SEO services that will find and use the best Meta-tags for your site. They analyze not only your site to find the best keyword phrases to use they will also analyze your competitor sites to get the best results for your site. They also offer Email List management and procession. Use their announcements and newsletters to personalize your email management to your customers. This makes it easy for your customers to sign up for your newsletters. This can be customized for you to get the best newsletter to your customers. Discount Click is always improving their products so you will stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Discount Click offers you many in-depth reports and graphs for review by you. Always know how your website is doing with these up to the minute reports and graphs. Track your website stats with one of their many reports, such as Ranking results, Cost per visitor, keyword ranking, links to your sites, and click tracking, just to mention a few of the reports that they offer. With the reports you can always know how well your online site is going.

With all that they offer a website you can clearly see how this can be a win-win situation and more positive exposure for you site.

Gangster Greed - You choose the Payday!

I signed up yesterday for Gangster greed . It's another survey site, but now I have it down to a managable science. I do about 5 surveys on each site, and still make a decent amount of money each day.

The thing I like most about Gangster Greed is anytime you have more than $10 earned you can cash out. They pay with Paypal. This is a great way if you need cash in the middle of the month. (and who doesn't).

I have done several of them but so far haven't cashed out. I should be able to cash out in a day or 2.

I never sign up for surveys that ask for SS# or other real personal information. I never use my own credit card if I sign up for something that requires a credit card. I purchase a prepaid visa card to do that. If you sign up for trial offers you get the big bucks from the surveys. But most of the free trials require a credit card. That's why I spend $20.00 to earn back big money. Usually you can make a nice profit from doing it that way.

Test out Gangstergreed here. This program will pay you more if you get referrals under you. If you sign up for one of my programs, and send me a link to a program that I am not signed up for, I will sign up under yours as long as it a free program to sign up for.

Finding stuff to sell on Ebay for FREE

Craigslist has many categories one of the categories is FREE. I was shocked when I saw what people gave away for free.

Today when I looked there was a 5 gallon bucket of Behr's paint. It has never been opened and it is white paint. You can't beat that. While that isn't something that I would want to sell on ebay, I still inquired about it for a yard sale item. I can pick it up close to home, and won't take allot of gas to go get it.

I have seen over 400 books that someone was getting rid of, because they were moving and didn't want to take them, books are easy to sell on ebay. She had many of the newest books. I wasn't able to get to her in time to go get the books. But that would of been a great pickup and would be a great profit if I could of gotten to her in time.

People give away appliances, furniture, table and chairs, and outdoor furniture. Many ads do say that it's still in excellent condition.

Saturday afternoons is the best time to find the free stuff. They do have free stuff all week long, but on Saturdays, people are placing ads to get rid of left over yard sale items. They don't want to haul them off themselves.

Selling on craigslist is easy, the only drawback is that you get strangers coming to your home. I have sold cars on craigslists, and never put my number in the ad, and sold a few of them on there. Craigslists is free to advertise, which is a bonus.

You don't even have to really sell on ebay, if you find something free, you can re-post it on craigslist for a profit.

This is a real easy way to make extra money. You do have to pick the stuff up, but check out craigslist to find the "free" items for a profit.

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation. I had a blast. It was an experience. But now it's back to work.

While I was gone, I didn't have internet access alot of the time, and I realized that I'm addicted to the internet. I was going through withdrawl. But I survived that.

I made some money while I was gone due to the referral on some programs. That was really cool. I loved that part. I made money on Treasure Trooper and cashcrate and fairytale treasure without doing anything. I am still using Agloco for easy money. I wrote some articles for Associated Content that needs typed and uploaded today. I will catch up on everything tomorrow.

Out of Town

I will be going out of town, not sure when I will have a connection for the laptop. I may not update the site for a few days. I will try and update as much as possible.

Cafe Press, Lulu, and Zazzle and more

New month, new goals.

This month I have so much that I want to accomplish.

I have a busy month, will be out of town for about 2 weeks this month, so I have to work harder while I am here to get everything done.

I was searching for places to sell things online. Places I can use several of my designs, and create products. I want to make money, but don't want to keep designing everytime. I want to use my basic designs and photos and have it already to sell. Ok I will admit that does sound kind of lazy, but I think of it as working smarter, not harder. (That does sound better)

So here are some that I came across. I will post the links to my stores once I get them up and running. I plan to have stores at all these places this month.

I am getting some photos ready for my CafePress store. Going to upload and design some products. I had a store for many years, just never got around to doing anything with it. I have a ton of old photos that I can use. One day - ahh the famous thought- one day - I plan on writing a book.

CafePress is easy to upload the images to for them to do the design. In fact they even have templates that you can download so that you get the right size for the product. THey have a template for every product that they have there. Here is the link for all their templates. I would suggest using the templates so that each product comes out perfect.

Now chosing what products to design. CafePress has many products. For those of you that have a store there, do you have every product? Or do you choose a few from their selection? They have many different products to choose from. I see where I can do my calendars from there also. Cool deal. They have photos, calendars, stickers, and now offer CD's and even pillows.

Reading at CafePress I can make the stuff, and promote the store and make money. That sounds easy enough. This is something that isn't going to take alot of my time everyday and still can bring me in money.

Lulu is another print on demand company. This place is more for books, calendars, and you can do ebooks there. It's free to sign up, and upload your work and promote it. They have digital downloads for photos, which you can price yourself. They don't offer T-shirts or photo prints. But looks like a great place to sell ebooks. Actually I bet you can make one design and sell the same thing on all these places. I will check into that later.

Zazzle.com is alot like CafePress. They have it so you can do Mugs, Tshirts, and offer greeting cards and postcards you can use your designs and sell from there. Like CafePress you can open your own store, and promote it. They offer hats, pictures and picture frames, mousepads, and bumper stickers. they say you can make up to 17% on every sale. That's a decent mark up. It's free to sign up and get your store. They offer 24 hour shipping. I like places that offer fast shipping.

Smugmug rocks if you have photos. I have an account there already where I have allot of photos. This isn't a free account, but if you want to sell your photos, this is a great place to go. They're support absolutly ROCKS. I love the way they get back to you.

I will write a post later on places to upload and sell photos. I have many places saved.