Fusion Cash What a Great Program

Fusion Cash (link on top of site) is a great way to earn money. I rank it up there with the other Programs like Cashcrate and Treasure Trooper.

Complete surveys and earn money. This place is updated often and it's amazing how fast you can earn money with this site. Some of their offers credit within 10 minutes of them doing them. I was shocked at how fast they credited.

Sign up bonuses:
Right after I signed up I got a $5 bonus! This put me on my way of getting the payout quicker.

If I get referrals, as soon as they sign up another $1 is added to your account once they confirm their email address. Then when they do their first offer, you get $2 added to my account. Then you get $5 once they make their payout. And each time they make a payout another $5 is added to your account. So as you can see getting referrals for this program can really make you money.

There are many offers that you can do without using a credit card or spending money. I notice that they update often which makes it great. The best way to get payouts and offers to approve is to get it on the day that its first advertised. Since I log into these sites daily my offers approve quickly. Of course I use Roboform (link on right side of site) to complete the forms it never takes me long to do them at all.

Like many other places you can make more money with referrals and this will help you earn money to get out of debt or save money quicker.

EBay Outage - can it be true?

Seems that Ebay has gone down. You can't get to any of the website. This is bad news for us with Bans, and sellers for ebay.

Hopefully they will have it up and running soon...

None of the links work even for affliate links right now.. Imagine how much money we are all losing!


Using Google Referrals with Adsense for more $$

Since I got my first check from Adsense today, I thought it would be a good day to talk about the changes for the better that adsense has made.

Google adsense is on most blogs. But they now have referrals that you can add on to the websites for even more money every month.

The referrals pay much more money and if you search through them there are some there that will pay more with the referral ad and they don't have to even buy anything. I was shocked to see how much they paid out compaired to the adsense prices.

With regular adsense you can't pick your ads, they are put on by the keywords that you write about, but with the referral you can pick your ad, if you want link ads, text ads or images and there are many different sizes for each. So you can have image ads that are more likely to be clicked on then a text ad. You can have these ads rotate and it's great for extra income.

Since adding these to my websites and blogs I have seen an increase in Google adsense daily. It could be because I am adding more blogs, getting more traffic, But I see that I am getting higher rates for referrals also.

To get to the referral click on adsense, then adsense setup, and choose referral. Then click through and find the ads that you want to add to your page. The cool thing about this referral is that you can change your ads from the adsense account quickly and easily. So you always have fresh ads on your site.

If you want to get paid to show YouTube you can also. Now Google will pay for you to display YouTube. You can choose the YouTube that you want to show and make cash from that.

Adsense is giving you more options to earn more money.

Amazon New Program

Amazon has a program out in Beta testing now where you can accept jobs posted by others and get paid for it. Its called Amazon Mechanical Turk (Amazon MTurk) .

This is real simple to use, you look for an assignment that you want to complete and just complete it. Once it has been accepted you will paid. There are many tasks available to do, some to write articles, do a podcast, post comments on a blog and other things. There is something for everyone there. The prices are posted before you ever accept a task so you know what that you are being paid upfront.

To get started you just go here.
Look over the HITS and choose what you want to do. Right now there are almost 1200 tasks that people are looking for. Some are easy and will only take a few minutes while others are more involved but they will pay more also.

Signing up is easy to do. Agree to the TOS and verify your email and your signed up. Once you sign up you will then be given your list of tasks that you can do. There are many that I can chose from while I won't be able to retire from doing these alone, it's still great to have another option avaible to get extra cash.

$1000 Associated Content Earnings

I reached $1000 dollars earnings with Associated Content. It took almost a year with my first article published on May 15, 2007. It's an achievement that I never thought that I would reach. It took 250 articles and the page view hits to get to this amount. I had had my share of rejections with them, and sometimes I did publish them with no upfront payments.

Now with the 250+ articles I have uploaded I am still elgible for page view payments. So even if I don't write another article, I will still earn money from them every month depending on how many people read my article that are uploaded.

I have learned alot from my year of writing for Associated Content. Here are some tips that may help you reach your goals quickly.

Research your keywords. The better the keywords in the articles the more you will get for the articles. They seem to pay more for current things that people are searching for.

Write good articles about good topics. Proof read your articles. Sometimes if you write in Microsoft word it will correct a word to what it thinks it should be and will change your whole meaning of the sentance.

Write often. This is one way that you can keep your articles fresh and updated so people will keep coming back to read more. This helps with the page views.

Comment on other people's articles. Once you comment on their articles they will usually come back and comment on yours. Which again increases page views.

Calls for Content: These are great ways to earn extra money. While many of these do not offer upfront payment, they will showcase these articles and you will increase your page views.

Don't get discouraged when they reject articles: Sometimes the rejected articles get the most page views.

This is why I love Associated Content. They have never missed one paydate. I can always count on them to pay if I have money Pending on Mondays, Wednesday, or Fridays.

Hubpages and the EBay affiliate ID

Hubpages today sent out an email to update the Ebay on their site. You can find the directions here to do it. When I logged in to put in my new campaign number I noticed that the old Ebay link was gone. So you want to do this ASAP. Because you won't be getting paid if you don't.

Also they said since Adsense was down for a few hours a few days ago, they decided to raise the amount you get from adsense revenue till the end of April. This will help increase your adsense earnings. They didn't have to do this, but they are generous like that and helped us the hubbers to make a difference. This really should help mine, I already have over 100 hubs with more being added monthly. I already seen an increase in my adsense, it's going up daily, and getting a few sales from Ebay and Amazon.

The nice thing about Hubpages, its easy to create and publish a hub. And you will make money!

Still being Ripped off with Fairy Tale Treasures

I haven't done any offers at fairytale Treasure in a few weeks. I can't find where to cancel the account, but she is still taking money from me. I lost about 60 more cents without even doing anything.

I don't understand why she keeps taking my money, I basically wrote off the 5.96 balance that I have there, Since I'm not going to waste my time doing offers letting them get paid for it, then taking back my money. It's a bunch of bullshit. So if you haven't read my previous post, I think they are scamming people. I don't get where you can have money in your account then all of a sudden they are removing money right before you are ready to cash out. I was going to cash out when I hit $25 and get a gift certificate for Amazon. Which they pulled out my money before I could do it.

My feelings on Fairytale treasure isn't good. This isn't the first time that they have taken money back out of the account, but last time I didn't lose nearly as much. It wasn't even a dollar I lost last time. But to do it again that's too much. I don't have time to waste there and not get paid. There are many other places online that will pay you and not take money back from you. If you are going to do survey site, DO NOT use Fairytale Treasure. While you may think you are making money, it can be gone in no time. As they take the money back out of your account.

My question is - The money isn't suspose to go into your paid account - untill the advertiser states that you have completed the offer requirements. SO how can they THEN take it back from you if you fulfilled the requirements. I think Fairytale Treasure is the one pocketing the money for themselves, and getting paid from the Advertiser AND taking back your money.

If they keep taking money back off of me, Soon they will be sending me a bill for money I haven't collected from them. lol ...

I work hard at earning money with that site. There is allot of BS you have to do to get these done. I did find a short cut, using Roboform (link is on side) . With this program it fills in all your information and your done quicker. I use Roboform for all my Survey sites, and the information is accurate, so if Fairytale Treasure takes back money from saying it wasnt done correctly, WHY haven't the other sites? Seems that my information was Correct for them!

So with this information the only reasonable conclusion is that FairyTale Treasures is starting to scam people. Don't spend your time there doing offers only to have your referalls removed from you and money taken back off of you.

Join programs that you know you will be paid, and money not taken back from you. CashCrate, Treasure Troopers are two places that you will be paid. Money not taken back from you, and once you earn it, it's yours!