Saving Money During The Recession

Saving money is just as important as making money. You have to be able to save what you make in order to have money to do what you need to do or what you want to do.

So how can you save money?

There are many ways that you can save money on everyday things. You can always ask for discounts when you go places.

Lets say you need new tires, always ask if you can get them cheaper, or if they can throw in the balancing for the tires for free. Many times you can get something free or pay less money.

Cable is another thing that you can negotiate on and get a better rate. Always ask about better deals, such as special discount, I normally ask what could they give me if I would go to dish. I have gotten great rates and specials from the retention department.

Cell phone companies will go that extra mile to keep you as a customer. I have gotten new phones, discounts and other free things like car chargers, face plates, and other goodies just by asking and hinting that I may go somewhere else.

Ms is a website that will give you more tips to save money on everyday things that you need to purchase.

Take that extra money that you save and bank it for a rainy day or for a unexpected necessity that may pop up.

Associated Content and Not Making Money

Associated Content isn't making you as much money as it used to? Your not alone. They have really been rejecting many articles and paying $1 or $1.50 for articles. That is for a 400 word article. To me that's not really worth even writing for that little bit of money.

Everything that you submit to them is lower than it was a year ago. Many times you get rejected because they say that there is already too much of that subject on their site. It's really hard to find something to submit and make you money with that site.

It does seem that they are looking for you to submit more video's. They have requests for things that you can do, usually just for page views, but most of them are video requests.

So where else can you go to write and make money? Try Helium the writers marketplace for some places that will pay for articles.

Work at Elance for cash writing articles. You can sign up for them for free to make money there.

I will write up another post giving you more places that you can write articles and make money. Since I did the last one a year ago, things have changed. You now struggle making money on the sites that were paying well a year ago.

For more work at home openings that you can make money check out the Work from Home website.

Squidoo Tip to Make More Money

Squidoo is a great way to make money. You can sell things from there, link to your sites, and even make lenses to resell for a profit.

There is another way that you can make money on Squidoo... Adding advertisements.
You can use a blank text capsule and add a link from Commission Junction or Pepperjam network. Don't write anything in that capsule, but just publish it, and you will have your own advertising for you. It blends in well with the page that you are working on, and it will be useful to help you sell more from the squidoo page.

While you don't want to over do it on the page, adding a advertising box to your page can only help you make more money. Match the ads to what your page is about to increase your sales.

Keeping The Motivation

Motivation.... How to keep it going when everything is going wrong.

Sometimes it's hard to keep the motivation going. I live in NC, affiliates are dropping NC residents from their programs because of a new Tax law that the state may pass. It hasn't passed yet, but we're still getting dropped.

Amazon is the first to do this. Now I have a ton of Hubpages that had Amazon links on. I had to go through and remove all those links from the sites. Each hub had to be gone through one by one. After getting that done, more emails arrived with the notice that "since you live in NC, we're dropping you" ... So it was back through the blogs, the lenses, the websites and remove these links.. So after updating everything, it is easy to get discouraged. So how can you stay motivated?

Well I look at the positive things. I still have many affiliate links that I can choose from, I still have choices and the links that I had to remove really weren't that good of links anyhow. I'm not going to get discouraged because I had to drop some affiliates I just moved on. It's all about bouncing back.

I had to rethink my plan, but since this is an online business, the keyword being business - You have to recover or close the doors. So what ever you have to do - just do it, recover and move on.

So take the time have your pity party, then find it inside of yourself that motivational spirit and move on and complete the tasks around the problems. While you are redoing one thing, look over the sites and tweak the things that need done and make it better. Make it a mission to get more traffic, more sales and set more goals.

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You can make your business great if you motivate yourself, write lists, make goals, and just Do it. You will never achieve anything unless you try anything. Failure is learning. You will fail, but you will also learn and make the things that you do better and bigger and more sucessful.

Keep working hard to achieve your goals.

Article Marketing for Links

To get back links to your sites and improve your rankings on search engines you will want to do article marketing.

Article marketing isn't that difficult to do, it will take time but it's easy to do. Write some articles related to your niche sites and and links back to your site in the author resource box for the links to your site.

The way that I do it takes no time at all to write the articles. Once I update my website with an article, I will rewrite that same article several times so that I have 3 articles written about that one article, and submit them one a day till they are all submitted. I will upload all the articles to Ezine Articles for fast and easy links back to my site.

At Ezine articles they may also be picked up by other places and placed on other websites still with my links showing my site.

How well does this work?
Well you will have many links coming back to your site, others will hav ethe links to your sites and you will soon see an increase in traffic.

Not only do you have Ezine Articles for article marketing, but you have many other sites that you can send your articles to and increase your presence on the web.

Not only can you use article marketing, but see the post about Yahoo Answers for links for more great tips on how to get links to your site.

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Using Yahoo Answers For Backlinks

You can use Yahoo answers for great back links to your website. Answer questions, and link to your site for questions related to your niche. Of course you will have to be a level 2 to get them linkable back to your site, but you can do this quickly in a matter of a few days. Once you get at least a level 2 you can start getting those back links.

Google indexes Yahoo answers usually within minutes and you can quickly get that link showing to your site, plus the fact it's very popular and your links will be exposed to many people over a course of a few days.

Get the RSS Feeds set up to send you the open questions for your niche to save yourself time. These can be set up to deliver immediately to your desktop or website so that you can keep up with it and answer.

To avoid getting kicked off of Yahoo answers, and you can get kicked off quickly, you won't want to put your links in every question and every answer. They will consider this spamming. You will want to answer these questions with good knowledgeable answers and add a link ONLY if it's relevant to the question.

So to get the links, check out Yahoo Answers to get those links fast.