Making Money with an EBook

Ebooks can be made on any topic and sold online. From my research I have found that you can really make big money with the ebooks.

I have started an ebook and in the process of writing it. I have given myself 1 month to do it. The books don't have to be novel length but long enough to explain what you want to. You want the words to flow easily, so that the readers don't get bored, and packed full of information that it would take the reader hours to research. If you are going to write a book you want to give clear instructions on how you did it. Adding some personal trials and errors that you did is one way to contact with the reader.

I am writing the book for the average reader, no big words, just writing the way that I would give a presentation to a group, where everyone who reads it is able to understand about it. I have it so that I will keep the attention of the reader throughout the book.

Pricing the book:
Pricing is the most importaint part of the book sales. Overpriced it will not sell well, but then I also don't want to underprice the book. Researching on the web to get an idea of what others are sucessfully selling the books for is giving me a good idea of a starting price of the ebook.

Selling the ebook:
There are several ways to sell your ebook. This is going to be the most importaint thing about doing your ebook.

Clickbank This is a great way to get others to sell your book for you. Your link will be many places promoted by many different people. This seems to be where you will get most of your sales. Sign up for Clickbank to sell your book, make a landing page so that people will be sent to that page and watch your sales increase.

Cafepress and are other great ways to sell your ebook.

Ebay will accept downloads for ebooks.

So make it part of your new Years plan to write that Ebook that you have been thinking about and watch your money increase in the next few months.

Amazon giftcards for last minute gifts

Gift cards for Amazon are great gifts for people on your list, these can be ordered at the last minute and emailed to the person.

With time running out, and the big day coming quickly, this is the way to go.
Order your giftcard today for your last minute purchases.

Using Squidoo and hubpages with Clickbank

I make money from Clickbank using Hubpages and Squidoo. It's really easy to do.

I first look at Clickbank and see what products are out there that I could include in an article. I then write a useful article about the product add a photo, and link to it. This has gotten me several sales from Clickbank, without costing me a dime. Some of the products I have used myself and can really give a good review on it.

Here is an product on how to make money on squidoo. This will explain how to make money every month using clickbank and Squidoo and Hubpages. This book will give you secrects on how to make great lenses, and hubs and how to get traffic to them.

Using Hubpages and Squidoo is just like doing niche sites without the expense of getting domain names. It has been termed Bum Marketing. Cause anyone can do them and make them profitable. Even if the article that you write you don't think is your best work, will still make you money.

Clickbank has so many different products that you never run out of topics. If I am writing about things that I didn't find on clickbank, I still search clickbank to see if there is something there that I can write into the article. It is very easy to set up an account at Clickbank and easy to use. They will send you money every 2 weeks after you make sales.

This is one great way to make cash online in 2008 without spending any.

Check out Clickbank, Hubpages, and Squidoo and watch your online money grow. Not only will you earn money with clickbank, but also you put your information in to make with adsense, amazon, and ebay. And others. You have several oppertunities to make money with each article that you write.

Getting Goals ready for 2008

Now is the time to start planning for 2008 goals.

Start by making a list of what you want to accomplish in 2008. Once you have the main goals defined, then you can go back and break them down into smaller steps. Figuring out what you want to accomplish in 2008 is just the start. Once you have the main goal figured out, you break it down by quarters, what you need to accomplish every 3 months, then how you need to accomplish it by month.

If you don't have a goal for 2008 you will never reach your potential of what you could of accomplished. I use Outlook Calendar with the Tasks. I make my main goal, and then break it down. I have it remind me every week of what I needed or wanted to accomplish that week so I know I have stayed on track to reach my main goal.

You don't need to make a specific money goal, if you don't want to, but focus on goals to what you want to do to make money. Such as you may want to get 100 referrals under you in a program like CashCrate, or Zubby, or Treasure Trooper. Once you figure out what you want to get and when you want to have it by then you can break that down to manageable tasks.

One of my goals is by April, to make $1000 a month online. So what I have done is break that down between my programs, and writing and figured out how much I need to earn every day to reach that goal. Now since I now know how much I have to do every day, it's easier to reach these goals. I don't want to make them all in one program, but spread them out so that I don't burn out on one program. With planning, I will stay focused and not get off track of reaching my goal.

I also want to do an ebook, and niche sites, I have the ideals and how many I need to have by April and ideals of what to make them on, now I can use my time more efficiently and can achieve my goals.

Is it alot of planning? Yes, but in the long run it will save so much time knowing what you need to do, and when you need to complete it or start it will make it easier next year so that goals can be met.

So now is the time to write your goals, and get started for the sucessful new year.

Network With Zubby is a new networking site . While it is similar to myspace this site is great to meet friends and network with others. In the last few weeks they have increased the membership to awesome numbers. Think of the possibility of all these people at one site.
Join today.

CashCrate a must for 2008

Cashcrate has an awesome referral system. You can actually make thousands of dollars here every year. With their referral system everytime someone signs up under you and meets the $10 minimum payout you not only make 20% of what they make you also get a $3 bonus. When someone signs up under them, you make 10% of what they make. So you can easily see how fast you can make money every month.

If you get more then 50 people signed up under you, Which is easy to do because CashCrate is reputable place you earn 25% of what they earn. It doesn't get much better than that. Every month you recieve a check in the mail from what you made the previous month.

If you haven't tried Cashcrate you should this is a must do on your online money making ventures in 2008. Sign up here to begin making your money.

Spending just 10 minutes a day doing their 2 surveys will make you $1.60 a day. If you do that for 1 month that is 48 dollars for that month. Almost $600 a year for 10 minutes a day. Just think what you can do with that extra $600. And that is just from doing the daily surveys. Imagine what you can make if you do some offers, and have some referrals.

Each time you complete an offer, you get a bonus point which you can then cash in for prizes like gift cards, ipods and other nice things.

It doesn't take me long to do a few offers a day at Cashcrate and make money easily. It's an easy way to earn money online without paying out anything, or wondering if you are going to get paid from the place that you have spent your time working offers.

Cashcrate will make you money, just like it does me everyday. Well I'm off to there now to earn some quick cash then move on to the next project.

Adsense update - a major decrease in profits

I have downgraded my photo account for my website. So now I can no longer show the adsense or the Commission Junction ads on my photos. I didn't think it would matter much, but since have learned that a website with alot of hits will increase your adsense profit. Since I downgraded, I haven't made a dime on adsense.

It wasn't that I made 6 figures a day on adsense, but it still added up nicely. So this will motivate me to work harder to get my revised website up and running where I can add the adsense and the commission junction advertising back on it.

So if you think that adsense isn't making you enough money, you may be right, but the alternative is not making any at all from adsense.