Video's for Associated Content - Progress Report

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I have been doing video's and uploading them to Associated Content and the first batch I sent up which was 9 video's 5 of them they didn't accept. I wasn't really that upset because this is kind of like a learning thing for me. But the 4 they accepted they did pay $4.00 each! Today I uploaded 5 and they accepted all of them! YAY!!!! And these will all quailfy for page view payments. Every little bit helps.

I like doing video's because they are fast to do. Writing an article can take 20-30 minutes most of the time longer, while a video is less than 10 minutes start to finish. That is easy money for just a few minutes of working time. I use Camtasia and do the screen capture only right now. I have headphones with a speaker and do tutorials on the programs that I have on my computer now.

Today for the videos' I did, I researched what people were asking at yahoo answers. If they asked a question, then I thought maybe other people have the same questions. And it seems that it worked doing it that way. I make a list the night before of what I want to do the video on so that I am not wasting time during the day. I do the list while watching TV at night, and then cross them off as I do them the next day.

Now I just got to figure out what to do with the video's that are rejected. I believe that I may upload them to squidoo and make a lens out of them. I still think they are useful to others. No sense wasting my time and deleting them. There has to be another way to make money with Videos online. If you make video's where do you upload them to and make money?

If you have Camtasia or a camcorder, or even a Webcam that you can shoot some videos this may be a great way you too can earn extra money online. As always Associated Content pays every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clockwork!
Just thought that I would give you another way to make money online with Associated Content.

Finally Back and ready to work

I haven't been updating the blog for a few months. I have been moving, selling the house, and getting things organized. This is hard when you are working fulltime and trying to juggle more than usual with a busy day.

But things are now settled, still looking for fulltime work at new location, been on many interviews but still no offers. So I have been vamping up my online earnings. Now more than ever I need to earn more online then before, since this is my only source of income till I get a fulltime job. (best case would be I could earn enough online that I wouldn't have to go work for someone else).

The sites are doing pretty well.
Treasure Trooper has paid me $153.00 last month, and
Fairytale Treasures will be paying me $125.00 any day now.
Cashcrate has been not as good, but I haven't worked it like I should be. That income is only $37. Still not bad for these sites. I am very happy with them.

The trick I learned is all about getting referrals. With the referrals you will see a huge increase in your monthly cash.

I know that I had sworn that I would never go back to Fairytale Treasures, but they are running some awesome contests that you just can't refuse. Plus they have been adding more and more offers that are now approving quickly, and have several offers on there now that are paying $2.50 per offer and all you have to do is fill out your information and have a school contact you. I still use my freephone phone number and they never bother me. If you had been like me and got away from Fairytale Treasures, check it out again. They have improved and you may be like me happy with them now.

Since I last posted Treasure Trooper has the Slot machine up and running now giving you more chances to earn pearls, and coins and platinum coins. You can even win $1.00 with a spin of the wheel. It is definantly worth checking out.

The biggest place that I have been concentrating with is Associated Content. This is where I make the most money the quickest. I have been averaging about $35 a day with them when I work. Some days I just don't have it in me, or I am interviewing with jobs.
Over this weekend I have tried and submitted video's. I will know soon if they accept them or not. I did learn videos are faster and easier to do then typing articles. If they accept them I may switch to doing more video's then articles. I will update you after they are accepted or rejected. I did 2 video's in an hour today and had them ready to upload. Which I was happy about because they were my 1st ones. I am sure they will get easier after I do more. The hardest part of doing the video is thinking about what to do it on. So I have a list made of the things I want to record tomorrow, and it should go faster.

I have my niche sites planned out, but will not allow myself to do them untill I finish my website that I have to get done. My main website has over 10,000 photos and it is taking me forever to get that done. I work on it about an hour a day and making progress slowly. But it will pay off in the long run... it's just hard to stay motivated with something this huge and daunting. Within another month it should be completed and ready to be uploaded. Then I can move on.