Smoking update!

Well, I'm still not smoking which is good. I'm not saying that its easy, but I am steadily depositing money into my 10k savings as the weeks go by. But to be perfectly honest, I miss my cigarettes.

I am doing this without use of the patch or any aids. 100% cold Turkey. You may think I'm brave, but actually I'm cheap. That 50 bucks I would of paid for the stop smoking aid can go into my account for my goal.

Associated Content: I'm Earning Money

I finally got published with Associated Content. I have spent a few days reading the forums, and learning what seems to make the most money, and what they are looking for.

Associated Content pays between $3.00 and $20.00 an article. And then they will pay you when you get so many page views. So really you can be paid twice for each article. If you advertise your articles and get more people to come to your articles your page views will quickly go up.

What they are looking for is articles that have good keyword possibilities, for advertising. If you are going to write an article, do it on something that you think people will do a lot of searching for.

Articles about vacation spots, weather safety, children safety, all seem to get picked up pretty quickly. I have had some articles picked up with in hours. The nice thing about news articles is that you will get allot of page views that will help you get more money after you've already been paid for the article.

I write shorter articles between 400-600 words. the minimum words they will accept for an article is 400 words. While I am not making a living on the website yet, the extra money will come in handy. I try to write about 5 articles a day on a variety of things. So far I have only had 2 rejected, but I think one was rejected because I didn't have a good enough title. You need to make sure that you have a catchy title.

They do have an option to pay for current news stories that is a flat pay of $5.00 per article. That is quick easy money. Most the time the news articles are picked up quickly.

This is a great way to make some extra cash. I find writing to be relaxing, and these articles are easy to write and submitting is so easy. They pay 3 times a week and deposit the money in PayPal account.

Join Associated Content

Associated Content Money Deposited

I have written a few articles - 10 were published! Tonight they have deposited my money in my PayPal account. Since I am only doing this part time, I am excite about getting any money. I have some that paid $3.00 for an article, I will have to figure out how to get paid more per articles. But I made $53.04 in my spare time, and to be honest, I did some of these articles while I was at work.

This is a screen shot of the money deposited :

Hopefully next week I will have more deposits. This money is getting transfered over to my 10k Account.

CashCrate Update

I am happy to report that Cashcrate has corrected their website. My money has been put in my account. Yeah.

So I have only been doing the once a day surveys till they get higher paying surveys. It's only 80 cents a day but that is still $24.00 a month just for doing that. But even if you do a few other surveys a month you still earn decent money for just a few hours of work.
Sign up here for Cashcrate start earning money today.

Making money doing Scrapbooking

I got another money making assignment today!

Making a scrapbook for a friend. She has all the supplies, but not the time. She is willing to pay me to do the scrapbook for her. I always found the fun of scrapbooking was doing it yourself, but if she is willing to pay me to do it, I will do it. That adds more to the savings account. Since she has the supplies this won't take long at all.

If you talk to people and tell them that you are looking for spare money they usually are willing to help you out. Everyone it seems has more projects then time. I will spend a few hours this weekend doing her project for her. I haven't given her a price yet, since its a friend, it won't be alot but what ever it is, it will go into the kitty.

Update on Cashcrate

Cash Crate: Problems with website?

Today I checked my cashcrate account and I had $22.00 waiting to be verified which I was happy because it didn't really take me long to do it at all, this was easy money to obtain. But somehow everything is deleted except $1.80. Minimum payout is $10.00 I am hoping and thinking that its only the website being updated. I have sent them an email waiting for them to contact me back. I was really hoping that this website would be a good website.

I am still waiting on Associated Content website to review my article, but my friend who is submitting articles just got another one accepted. Maybe I'm writing about the wrong stuff. I don't know why mine are taking so long to be accepted or reviewed, but I will wait.

Got Spare Change?

I put spare change in a 5 gallon plastic water bottle every night. I never use change when making purchases just for this very reason. Today I went to the local Coinstar machine and cashed in for a whopping $27.34. That means $27.00 goes staight to the 10k savings account, the 34 cents is back into the container to start the next round. I was at the Coinstar website and found out they charge 8.9 cents out of every dollar to count the coins. While I am cheap, it is still worth it to me to have them count it. Coinstar does have a new program that is free you get gift cards from them instead. Thy offer gift cards for, Borders books, Itunes, Circuit City, Pier 1, Old Navy and AMC Theaters.

This sounds like a great way to get Christmas gifts without stressing in November and December about money. Saving coins year round isn't all that painful, actually I never really miss coins at all. I have been doing this for years and banking the money. While my coins are mostly pennies it still adds up quickly.

The Free workout that Pays

I was outside cutting grass when my neighbor stopped and said that I could cut his grass too since "I looked like I was enjoying it". Well maybe he was kidding about that part, I told him I would do it, but it would cost him $20.00. After all I do have a goal to reach. To my surprise he agreed, so as soon as I was done cutting my grass, I went and cut his. He paid me $25.00, because I used my gas, my lawnmower, and weed whacker. Told me that anytime I saw his grass high, to come on over (sounds like a job to me).

Another $25.00 added to the kitty that was earned in 45 minutes. Plus I got a nice workout without paying gym fees!! So much for my no-sweat requirements for this earning money goal. But not smoking makes me have more energy already and its only been 1 day. Now if I could only find 3 more people to cut grass for every week, I could easily earn 100 bucks. But I'm not that ambitious. I will take my $25.00 bucks and be happy. That is 1/4 of the way to $100.00, not a bad start for my goal. See I knew it could be done.

Testing new site

Yesterday I signed up and testing a new site, Cash Crate. Its a survey website, but this one has some high dollars payouts. In one hour yesterday I made $18.00. They send you a check when you reach $10.00. While I was determined not to do surveys, I thought that this looked too easy not to test it out. They have daily surveys that pay 80 cents and you can do one every day. Even if I do that daily, I will still bankroll about 24.00 a month.

The trick to it is to open a new email account just for this so that any junk email can go there, I imagine that alot of junk email will be coming my way.

Then the other thing I read to do was to get a phone number so your not bombarded with telemarketing callers can't reach you. There is a place online that gives you a FREE phone number with voicemail options only, but this place works for me. It will save 10,000 voicemails for you, offers personlized greetings you can record, and the best part is you can choose numbers from all states. Sign up for a free phone number Here.
Now just spend the next hour filling out a few surveys to make some easy money.

Associated Content

Associated Content is a website that pays you to submit articles! The sign up is free and you actually earn money. They pay between $3.00 and $20.00 for each article they accept. My friend submitted an article on Saturday already has an offer! His 1st published article is here. His money has already been deposited into his paypal. They pay as soon as they publish.

I signed up a few days ago, just submitted my articles still waiting to see if they will accept any of them so I can't report on my earnings as soon as I earn something I will report on it.

Another way to earn money with Associated Content is to refer someone to the web page. Every time someone signs up under your link, you earn $3.00. While $3.00 doesn't sound like much it will all add up to reach your $10,000 Goal!

The final payoff from Associated Content is that for every 1000 views of your article they pay you a bonus pay.

This is a win-win website. I highly recommend it.

My job's 7 Minute Rule

Today I took advantage of the 7 minute rule at work. My job has a 7 minute rule that adds an extra 15 minutes on to your time sheet every week. If you work 7 minutes or more past your quitting time, you are paid 15 minutes. I work in a call center, its easy to do 7 minutes and get paid overtime for that . While it can't be done everyday, 4x a week earns you an extra hour at OT pay for 28 minutes. You actually can work your way into an extra 20 bucks a week. I did work the 7 minutes, it was just one more call.

Before someone says something about cheating the company, I didn't make these rules, I'm just learning how to use them to my advantage.

Finding Money I already have

I smoke - Correction - I used to smoke. I am now a non smoker for 3 hours and 25 minutes. After being a smoker for 30+ years, this is going to be a huge challenge.

Now it sad to realize that I only reason I quit smoking is to save money for my goal, but I did just that. My doctor has been after me for years to quit smoking, but I didn't. Now it's time. Oh I have quit many times, then went back this time there is no going back.

So to figure out the savings for my goal, Cigarettes are an average of $3.95 a pack here, I smoke about 2 packs a day, (wow! I may not even want to see how much this comes up to)

$ 7.90 a day
X 30 days in a month
$237.00 a month
X 12 Months/ Year
$2844.00 YEAR

WOW! I spent that much money a month to die younger? Was I crazy?
Well, if you include gas to go pick up the cigarettes (yes I did go to the store just to buy cigarettes, in all kinds of weather!)

I can honestly round this up to $3000.00 towards my goal.

So out of my paycheck every week I will deposit 60.00 into savings (including the gas I spent) I just set up with my bank to withdrawal that amount and put in my new savings account I opened last Friday for my trip.

Goal $10000
Quit smoking $ 3000
Balance $ 7000

The Plan for the $10,000 Savings Challenge

I have a goal.

Next summer I want to take a few months off. I want to travel do my own thing. So to make this happen I have a figure in mind that I want to have to make it without worrying about work, jobs or bills.

The amount I want to have:


Time frame I set to do this is 12 months to save. What am I starting out with? ZERO!
I'm not the least bit discouraged. I don't want to use my paychecks for this that money is for bills, and retirement savings. I will earn this money on the side, get creative, and save my change.

To break it down to where it doesn't appear overwhelming, I decided to make small goals of $100.00 at a time. I need 100 part-time, no-sweat ways to make this happen. I am resourceful, and will update my progress as I make this happen.

100 ways to earn 100 dollars doesn't sound as impossible as trying to earn $10,000 in 12 months. In fact it sounds like a challenge that I can achieve.

I am hoping that other will post to this site with other great suggestions so that I can reach my goal.