Why I'm not promoting FairyTale Treasures anymore

FairyTale Treasures is a GPT program. Over the last few months they have made many changes that makes it harder to earn anything from them.

The program started to go downhill when they took money that was already earned and in your account back. They are under investigations. Now, if the money was already in your account, and in the account of your referrals it shouldn't of been taken back. But it was. There is no guarentee that they will ever give that money back to you.

The offers that you do exactly as stated aren't being credited to your account. They have contests that you work hard to do the offers to get paid, and then the offers never credit making you lose money and time. Or if they get credited to your account, the dates are after the content ends and you don't get the bonus money from the contest. Either way you lose.

Referrals used to be easy to get at FairyTale treasure, you collected laterns when you do the trivia games. You got one latern every time you did the game correctly, that has been changed to .25 latern every time you do it now. You need 25 laterns to trade in for a referral. At the rate of 1/4 latern per day when they have the trivia game, it will take you several months to get the referral.

In the last month, I have made $3.60. But I have done over 150 offers that are pending. All offers were done correctly over the month, and I haven't been paid nor have they been credited. I have 17 referalls, that haven't made a dime, not one of them? That seems odd. All the other programs my referrals made SOME money every month. Wonder why the ones at Fairytale Treasure hasn't. It just doesn't add up.

I still am going strong at Treasure Trooper. I love this place. I have many referrals that I have "won" by doing the games at the end of every offer. The offers post quickly, and they never took any money back. They seem like a solid site. The checks always arrive on time, and soon they will be doing paypal payments again.

Getting traffic to your blog

This is one of the hardest things to do is to get traffic to your blog. You can sign up for mybloglog, and others, but the best ways that I found was:

1. Read other blogs and comment on them with your blog link. This is a great way to get traffic.
2. Use squidoo, and hubpages to RSS your feeds to them, and add links in your contents.

Using these two ways I have increased my readship and it really didn't take alot of time to do.

Without readers, you will not earn any money with your blog, or get your ideals out to anyone.

Real job

I haven't been updating due to having a real job to go to now. I was off for a few months, and was able to keep everything update. Now I just have to get back in the swing of things and get a schedule.

I have been paid by Pay Per Post, and still getting paid for articles at Associated Content, which is sweet. The referrals that I have for the Treasure Trooper and Fairy Tale Treasures is still bringing me in money. Even though I haven't written an article at AC for a few weeks, the ones that I do have up there are still making cash. Which is what I want it to do. I want the monthly cash to come in without working at it as much as I have been.

In a few weeks my website will be up and running, with the adsense and the Affiliates that I will have on it, I'm hoping that it will bring in cash for me.

Why you should always have a backup plan

This is why everyone should have a plan B. Just in case Plan A doesn't work out.

As you know I have another website that I have thousands of photos hosted at. They are hosted at Smugmug. I love Smugmug they make it so easy to host the photos, and to sell them. I have been there 2 years. You can customize your photos, and it's so easy and convienent to use. I have been very happy there. The only good thing is if I get rid of smugmug the website domain name is mine.

But tonight I learned that none of my images are shown in Google Image search. That's not good for me. I need the images shown there, I have some photos that no one else has of certain bridges. I have photos shown on other sites, and those ones are showing, but my photos on the main site isn't.

Now comes the dilemma. What to do about it.

Answer: I have no idea what to do about it. The photos are keyworded, but for some reason smugmug and google don't play well together. So I may have to find new place to host the photos. I am open for suggestions!

I didn't plan to use Plan B. Infact I didn't even make a plan B. Now I'm scrambling to get a plan B in the works.

So Lesson of the day:
Always have a backup plan. Do this ahead of time, so you don't have to scramble at the last minute to figure it out - research ahead of time when your not stressed out.

When a simple ideal gets complicated

I'm sure that everyone had an idea that sounded real quick and easy to do, but to find out that it's really more complicated than it sounded. How do you manage to complete the project in time, without going crazy?

Right now I am doing calendars of my photos. The photos were already restored, basically all I have to do is upload and add a caption. How easy does that sound? Well, somehow I managed to complicate the whole process. While, I have over 25,000 photos to find the perfect photos trying to find 13 photos for a catagory is a nightmare. I have noticed that I have a lot of the same photo taken over many years. But not enough of one subject to make a calendar that shows the object over years. So it is taking me about 3 hours to do one calendar, which isn't what I thought that it would. Am I ready to quit the calendar idea? Yup, sure am. But instead I'm trying to stay positive and focused on getting it done.

To get an overwhelming project done, you just have to break it down into smaller tasks, make yourself a TO-DO list and cross it off as you get the task done. I found this to be effective. I can tell by my TO-DO list that I have made progress, and feel better about going ahead with the project. I had set a goal at the beginning of the week, which I don't think that I will make, so I just modified the timeframe, and will eventually get it done. Once I get this project figured out I think it will go easier, just trying to get it figured out to get a system going is the hardest part. Which Is where the list is making it easier, I know what I want to accomplish, and how to get to that goal.

Well It's back to the calendars.

Selling your products and ideals Online

Since I have many photos that I can make into calendars, I have decided to make and sell them online. I will be making about 10 different calendars and listing them on www.lulu.com to sell them. The base price is reasonable where I can make a profit from them.

At lulu it's easy to make the calendars, they will walk you through the entire process. Then they will make them, and ship them. All I have to do is design them, and upload the photos.

Once I get the calendars created, all I will have to do is sell them. I have a plan on how to do that. I will get the word out, by using google adwords, writing articles about them, using squidoo, hubpages, and associated content to get people to go look at them.

Since I already have a website for the photos, adding a link to them from there won't be a problem. I can also use ebay and other auction places to sell them, as well as maybe slipping an ad in on craigslist. Since my photos are of historical nature, I will list them for sale on every historical site that I can find, and will let me. This isn't going to be a time to be shy, since I have a short selling window that I will be able to sell calendars I have to really get into gear, and be organized.

With lulu you can sell not only calendars, but ebooks, printed books, and sell images online as downloads. There is not money that is out of pocket, infact once you sell your item, they will send you the profit. They have wizards that walk you through setting up your stuff to sell to make it look professional, and is real easy to do. It took me less than an hour to make one calendar, and that was my 1st one that I did.

The thing is, if you want to sell online, there are many places that you can do it. Cafepress is a place that you can sell your designs online. All it takes is an idea, no money and determination.