Great ways to Get Links Pointing to your Site

You can get links to your sites and get higher rankings with the search engines there are several things that you can do.

1. Write articles = this is time consuming, but is effective you write many articles and in the author resource box have the links back to your site. These articles are usually picked up from other sites and the author box is still in tact and your article is doing double duty. One of the best places to do this is ezine articles. These articles are picked up from other sites and you get great exposure to your sites. All your links are in place and will point back to your site.

2. Use Xombia to write little blurbs about your site. You get the links back to your site PLUS you get Adsense revenue for yourself. While this site doesn't pay you 100% of the profits, you will get profits from adsense as well as getting the links. These little blurs have to be at least 50 words, which is about 1 paragraph, just a brief description of your site and the link.

3. She Told Me website : This site is again writing little blurbs and you get 100% of adsense for each page that you write. If you refer people you make money off their adsense also. They also will pay for Chitka sites because they have links on the sites. She Told Me is a great way to make money while promoting your links. The Thing that I like most about She Told Me is that they give a screen shot of your website on each little blurb that you write. When you click on the title, it take the person right to your page.

4. Hubpages - Another great site to get back links and make money for yourself. Make EBay, Amazon and Adsense profits while gtting the links to your sites. You will have to write articles but unlike Ezine articles which don't pay you money this site will.

5. Squidoo - Make money again from many different resources. Even Clickbank. They won't pay you per click on Adsense or ebay but will instead send you a check when you reach payout.

Use these sites to get the backlinks and make money. You no longer are stuck writing longer articles to get the backlinks for no money. Promote your sites and earn while you do that.