Payments today! YEAH!!!

Today has been a pretty good day for me I have been paid 68.00 from Treasure Trooper in Paypal. This is from last month's progress. Some of this money was from referrals. I love seeing referral money on the account.

Several of my articles have been accepted at Associated Conetent for a payment of 27.49 which will be added in the Paypal account later on tonight.

I am making consistant money every week with Associated Content. I get it added into Paypal, which then can be moved to the bank account, or I have a paypal debit card which I seem to use more often than I want to. The rest goes into the bank. This is a great way to ean money without really going out to work, writing is easy and with the page view bonuses it adds up quickly.

Good month so far

I am doing pretty good with Associated Content. They are accepting stories quite frequently now. I have found easier and faster ways to write the articles. Now it doesn't take me long at all to write the articles. If only I could find an easy way to think of articles to write about. They are now paying monthly for page views which is great. So that is an added bonus every month for me.

Treasure Troopers - Finally I am making decent money there. I have referrals now, and trying to get on the VIP status there, once I reach $500 I will become VIP status! I am getting close. With the VIP status I will be able to get more pearls which I can trade in for referrals. So I will be getting 4 free refrerrals per month. That will be sweet. I am on Act 13 of the Treasure Map. Stuck there for a little while. Hopefully not as long as I was stuck on Act 2! Act 2 I finally figured out, and got past it. Then it has been smooth till I got to Act 13. But I will get past it.

Why do I do Treasure Troopers only now? Well, Fairytale Treasures didn't approve allot of the offers. Then the took money back from me after I earned it. Gangster Greed was another one that didn't approve many of the offers. Cash Crate, it seems never approves offers for me. With Treasure Troopers, the offers get approved, and there are always new offers all the time. I like they give you referrals when you earn enough pearls to get them. It does add up quickly. Once I get the VIP status, I will get even more referrals.

Since I have gone back to work Fulltime it's hard to work as hard as I did with my online ventures. But I am still working at it. My adsense is going up every month, with the hubpages that I have, it's helped quite a bit. That's really what I want to do, have the articles done, and then forget about it - without working hard at everything monthly.

One day--- this will happen..

Gangster Greed- Finally can get a payout!

After being with Gangster Greed for a few months, I finally got enough to get a payout today. The payout was low - only $10, but most of their offers are expired, or never credited. It's really discouraging. After I get my payout - which will be paid by PayPal, I will cancel the account. It's really not worth my time to spend months to get $10. I really wouldn't recommend Gangster Greed. The website said that they should have the money in my account in 24-48 hours. I will report when that happens.

So this month I have decided to quit 2 of the GPT programs, Fairytrale treasures, and now this one. I have been doing great at Treasure Troopers. They have been crediting offers quickly they put new offers up almost every week. I haven't done much at cashcrate, their offers haven't credited for me.

I have been working hard at Associated Content. They have payouts now monthly for page views. I have also been working on making video's. Since they have quit paying out for referrals, that has hurt some, so I just have to write more to make up for the difference.

To determine what I wanted to make video's on - I did a search on AC and found some things that they have less than 10 items on, so that is what I will be concentrating on. Since going back to work fulltime, it's hard to do the video's - just trying to find time to do everything is difficult. I have been writing the articles while at work- I have a fulltime job doing phone tech support, and manage to write between calls.

Making Video's on Associated Content

I was reading someone's blog last week and saw that she is making alot of money on Associated Content doing video's. I'm talking over $1000 per month with video's. So I started looking for software to make video's that is within my budget of Zero Dollars. I found one.

CamStudio is free software that will take screenshot video's of your desktop. It's awesome and easy to install and use. With this software you can record, and edit video's. I use Microsoft editor for the editing part only becuase I am used to it, and can quickly edit in there. The nice thing with CamStudio is that you can even record a powerpoint presentation with this software.

Now with this software I am able to make the video's faster and upload more than if I was writing every day for Associated Content.
Associated Content is looking for tutorials on different things, and there are many things that you can still submit for money with that site. They want video's under 15Mb and more than 1 minute long, so it should be easy to make the video's there and get a bunch uploaded every month. I'm kind of excited about finding free software that will do that. I do have video option on my camera that I can work with as well as having a webcam that I can do video's with. Now just figuring out what I want to make video's on!!

I learned last week that Associated Content is no longer paying for referrals, bummer.
I plan to start making video's this week and uploading to them.

Last month I did fairly well with Treasure Trooper for September I made $157.25. I am on Act 13 of the Treasure Map, I hope to have it finished this month. That will give me another $100. in my account. Fairytale Treasure wasn't even enough to cash out, which I am done with them. I didn't do much at CashCrate. Going to back to a real job takes up so much time that it's crazy. It's hard to schedule things around a real job.