Fairy Tale Treasure Problems

Well it seems that Fairy Tale treasure has reversed almost $20.00 back from me with no explanations. Seems that they can do that as they want without alerting you at all.

So now being the last day of the month I can not even make payout for this month, so I am screwed.

Stay away from Fairytale Treasures.

None of the other GPT sites will reverse money after you earned it, except this one. It's just not worth your time to do these offers then on the last day they refuse to pay you.

Earlier this month they have removed 6 referalls from my account without any explanations.

Stay clear of Fairytale Treasures. I will never promote them again. Infact I am closing my account with them today.
How can a website stay in business when they are treating the very people who are the ones making them money this way? I will never know. I forsee this website going away soon.

Writers block blog

I have started a new blog today, it's to help everyone that experiences writers block. With over 200 articles on Associated Content it is getting difficult to think of new topics to write about, But I have a list of many topics that I thought that I would share and help other article writers unblock their writers block, and get their creative thoughts flowing again.

I plan on updating it frequently with new topics and ideals of what you can write articles on. Even if you don't choose a topic that I have listed, maybe you will be inspired to write about something similar from what I have listed.

I have them broken down in categories so that finding a topic should be easier to do. Once you have a topic in mind to write about the articles are quick and easy to write, it's finding the topic that is often the main challenge and obstacle for writing.

I do hope that this helps people write and earn more money online with article writing. The Writers Block Blog should help you write and earn more.


Sell ebay items without an ebay store? Well I found this product that is so easy to use. BANS.. Build A Niche Site. This software is awesome. I can quickly build a niche site without using any HTML.
It takes no time at all to build a niche site with many items to sell from eBay. Anything that is sold on ebay can be your Niche Site. Every thing is Point and Click and so simple to use.
I have built one that was done in no time. I wish I would of known about this before. I would have more niche sites up and not messing with trying to figure out how to do things. I could of saved my self so much time if I would of known about this. This does it all for me. All I have to do is just think about what I want my site to be on.
There are many templates that you can choose from that makes each site look different from the other.
For everything that this does, I was shocked at how low the price is.

Changes in progress

Well the newest changes are going to be Ebay Changing from Commission Junction. So all the links I have for eBay now have to be changed. Luckily I have done most of my writings on Hub Pages and Squidoo. Which they will take care of that. But I have blogs that I have to go back through and Change. This goes in effect April 1st. (Hoping it's just an April Fool's joke, but don't think so). But with the Ebay to go I have been using cause its been so easy to set up and use.

Then Adsense Terms of Service changed. I have to go through and put in the Privacy statement on the blogs.

I will wait till April 1st and change everything over at once. Time that could be used for something else, but will have to be spent updating everything. I think that I can use the same TOS privacy statment on everything with minor tweaking. Just writing it up the 1st time can be annoying.

But it will all be ok. Just something that needs done. At least they are both at the same time. So I can just go in and take care of everything at once.

Busy week working - Associated Content Payment Proof

Been working on creating new squidoo pages, now since they have more affiliate programs to choose from it seems like it will pay more. They have added netflix, and ebay and others. So you have several money making oppertunities to choose from. Plus it doesn't take long to build them.

Also been working on Hubpages. Getting quite a few sales from Ebay there. I am almost at 100 hubs. I want to reach 100 hubs by the end of the week. I have been researching my keywords now before doing a hub. This I am finding out is key to getting traffic to the site.

On Associated Content, I got an article published today on Parabloic Antenna for wifi and it's already on Google's first page. #2 position! I was excited to see it getting there that fast. I have been writing alot and making video's for them. Videos have been getting approved or rejected in the same day. Yes I do see my share of rejections there. But I am making good money there for what time I spend doing it.
Click on Image to see bigger size for payments from Associated Content.

On a sadder note - I have been creating mini- niche sites with blogger. I have several started, and got about 10 posts on each of them, just to see if they get noticed, and how traffic is with them. I only had one post from all of them picked up by Google, and not one person (other then me) there to visit them. But I am thinking it just may take some time. I am not promoting them in anyway, so I knew it wasn't going to explode overnight. But I figured Google would of picked them up by now. I will keep working on them, making them better and seeing if this works. It's free, and it's only taking up my time. It doesn't take that long to build a new blog, and get some articles posted on them. Who knows in a few months it may all pay off. I will keep you updated on the progress. I am sure it will pay off in the long run. But sometimes you just gotta try new ideas out.
Well it's back to work for me, got ventures to test out.

As for the treasure Trooper, CashCrate, and Fairytale treasures websites, I stop by and do a few offers everyday, but not like I used to. I moved to a new location, I am in the South East, but my IP address comes up as Michigan, (not sure why)... and alot of offers aren't crediting for me. Its very frustrating, so I don't really spend much time doing them.

RSS Feeds and Squidoo and Blogger

I learned a trick today to add Ebay listings to Squidoo. Its great now I can add ebay to the lens and have it updated every day. So the listings are always fresh.

It really was quite easy to do.

Start here: http://affiliates.ebay.com/ns/RSS.htm

Click on the button to go to advance search.

Fill in the search for the items you want...

Scroll down and look for:
Affiliate Tracking Information add your PID number there, so you get credit for the sales.

Once you have that filled in you can hit run search. When the search is done running, click on the RSS feed button on the bottom, and it will open up in a new page, copy that page address and go over to Feedburner.

In feedburner, you want to add a new feed. Paste the ebay address in the feed burner and it will give you a new address for your RSS.

Back to squidoo, and add that address in the RSS feed section.

Once you click save the RSS feed will update the Ebay in your lens.

Here is one that I did quickly today.... http://www.squidoo.com/70s-el-camino
You see under the cars on ebay is my RSS feed. You can do this several times till you get yoru page the way you want it.

To Add feed to Blogger:
Once you get your information from Feed Burner - log into Blogger, go to layout, and add page element. On the left hand side you will see RSS feed. Add the RSS feed there and it will show as links on the side of the page.

These are 2 ways to make good use of RSS feeds and ebay and hopefully increases your earnings.

Ebay To Go Beta - Great for Affiliates

Ebay has in beta testing the Ebay to go. This is by far the easiest way to add Ebay to your blog or website. You can create your ebay widget in 3 simple steps.

  1. Choose the version you want
  2. Put in your keywords
  3. Add your PID number

Ebay will then give you the code to put in- And if you are doing it for a blog they will give you step by step instruction for blogs. This by far is one of the easiest ways to add ebay to your website or blog.

You can choose from several different layouts, choose a store, keyword, one item, or a variety of items in a slide show. This is awesome how quickly you can change the ebay searches and keep your blog or website looking fresh.

This is a sample of Ebay to Go. This is the search one.

To sign up for EBay Affiliate click here. This will walk you through the steps to sign up for ebay affiliate.