Making Goals for 2009

With the economy the way it is, you will want to monetize your online earnings. I do. I want to make sure that if my job is gone due to shut down or downsizing that I will be able to survive with the online earnings. So beginning in the first week in January I started making my goals for the new year. This is how I did it, and it may just work for you.

First I made Lists of what I wanted to achieve this year. I didn't consider how much money I wanted to earn yet, I just made Ideals that I would later fill in the details.

General Goals:

I want to complete 25 websites this year. So I made a plan on how I will complete that. I wrote general Ideals down, and how many articles I will need for each site, and a general time frame on how to complete this. It is not impossible if I follow the general Plan. I didn't make a number that I didn't feel that I would be able to keep if I keep on schedule. Also the general ideals are wrote down, the general topics, the time frame of when to buy the domains so that I don't have a huge cash outflow at one time. If you spread it out over the year it won't be as bad.

Do more Squidoo Lenses and hubpages:
I have a general layout of what I want to write about. I have several Topics that Will relate to my websites/blogs that I will be able to link to. If you choose a topic you can branch off from that topic and have less research to do.

Write more articles to get more traffic to the sites:
I want to have about 5-10 articles for each site, each one different that I will submit to article directories to gain more traffic. This will increase my traffic and rank my pages better. The better the rank the more traffic will come to the pages and websites. So this is a must. I have started EzineArticles and that seems to be the best place for article marketing and getting backlinks.

Do Several more Blogs:
Make these blogs related to the websites, linking to the websites giving me inbound links to the sites. I only plan on doing blogs to get them to the main website. I also seem to think that Adding YouTube video helps the websites.

More Detailed Goals:
Now I pulled out the calendar and opened up Outlook calender and Outlook Tasks and made the time frame. I chose topics that I think will be good for the websites, and will start keyword research on them as I find time to do it. Once I figure out which will be the best keywords, I will then buy the domains and set up wordpress for them.

I made myself a list of what I need for each site, keywords, articles, and affiliate links that I think will work on the site, I do this in my spare time so that when I am ready to do the site, it will all be laid out. Yes I am a list person.

For the first 3 months every week I know what I must accomplish to reach my goals. This is about 2-3 hours of work 6 days a week.

Once you have your general goals, then you get into the finer details of the goals. If you have it written on paper you will then know what you need to do to complete the tasks and complete the goal. Without writing the information down, you may never reach your goals.

You also can not reach your goals if you don't just jump in and do it. Reading all day will not make your goals of reaching money online, just jump in. Start today to earn money online.

For the money I want to earn this year? I decided that I wasn't going to set a price. If I follow my plans on how to make more sites and links to the sites, I will be doing good online with my earnings. I don't want to be disappointed with my earnings if I don't make those goals. But following my plans, I am sure i will profit this year just like I did last year.

The key is Traffic- and keep chugging along making more quality sites and posts and lenses with that I will make money.

So what are your goals for the upcoming year? It's only a few hours till the new year, don't be left behind, start your goals today.

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More Profits for you?

Something new that Im thinking of trying, has anyone tried Google Goldmine? What are your results?

I have researched it and it looks great..

Get Free Christmas Money

Christmas is almost here, yeah, it's hard to believe that it's that time of year again, but this is the time that you want to change your blogs and your websites to attract more buyers for the Christmas Traffic. This is how you can make some free Christmas money. Money that you don't have to spend a dime to get!

This is the best time of year to make online money, as everyone feels generous and looking for bargains. It's also near the time of year that people are making New Years resolutions or at least thinking about them.. So you have 2 things going for you. Both of these are great ways to earn some cash for you.

So how do you get more money at Christmas?

Well besides doing the part time job bit, you can do more surveys such as places like CashCrate and Treasure Trooper, or if you have a blog get some affiliate advertising and then the traffic to your site. There are many affiliate sites out there that you can choose from. Commission Junction, Pepperjam Network, Ebay affiliate, Linkshare are some of the better ones. You can also advertise for Clickbank selling ebooks. Adding Adsense to your site can get you some cash also.

Another way to get Christmas cash would be to design some Items for Zazzle, or Cafepress. Both of them you just have to upload once and they will sell themselves. You have many choices of items that you can make with your designs. This is an easy way to make cash, design- upload then all you do then is wait for the checks to arrive.

While these ways will take time to get money, they won't cost you money to do. You can get a free blog at, and go from there. They are easy to set up and use. Find a subject that you are interested in and create a blog. The write some useful posts and traffic will come to it.

Blogs are great ways to make money without spending money. You can start several on different subjects and make money.

Another great way that you can earn free Christmas Money is to write for Associated Content. Now is the time of year that every dollar really counts. If you write one article per day, and make an average of $3.50 per article you can earn over $100 per month, and that is just one article per day...imagine how much you can make if you did more articles per day! You could bank quite a bit of money from now till Christmas just writing.

So these were just some of the free ways that you can use to make money. If you notice that I didn't mention about buying websites and domains. All of these ways are free with just a sign-up.

Of course you could always get that second part time job. If you are looking for a position that you can do from home, check this site out for several legitimate work at home jobs. At least if you are looking for a part time job, you may be able to find one that you can do at home.

Christmas is coming wouldn't it be nice to get everything at discounts? Get a discount gift card for stores here. There are many to choose from - Red Lobster, Target, Walmart and much, much more.

How to earn $10 in the next 30 Minutes

How to earn $10 in the next 30 minutes.

Cashcrate: You can quickly earn money from this program and they do pay out. How fast can you add it? Well just by doing the free offers it will take you about 30 minutes, but if you have a credit card, you can earn it less than 5 minutes. Let me show you how fast it is to earn.

Free Method:
1. Sign up for a new account here at CashCrate
2. Do the Profile It’s about 10 questions, but earns you an instant $1
3. Click on Complete Offers
4. You will see the Show: change that to 100% free offers, then sort by Payout.
5. Now you have your highest offers that will pay you the most money.
6. When I sorted I got this…..

7. Now I only need to chose 9 more $1 offers…… Since Nielsen is quick to download that is one that I chose. It only took a few seconds to download and sign up. Once I get credited I will delete the software.

If you noticed I skipped the first 2. Why? The first one is a cell phone offer, where they will send you stuff to your cell phone, but if your not careful and don’t read the instructions closely, you will be charged monthly. So I stay away from those offers. The second one is a loan application for paycheck loan. I don’t give out that much information online so that is why I didn’t do that one. Even the 3rd one is a financial application.

8. The surveys are quick to complete. I have choose 8 more surveys, quickly do them then click on submit. Ipos survey I just signed up, checked my email account and sent it back and it was approved. It took less than 2 minutes to complete that one.

9. Under 30 minutes I made $10!

Can you make more? Yes

Credit Card Offer: Earn $10 in under 2 minutes

Click on Show: All Offers then sort: Payout

The first one I see is blockbuster. Using the credit card (which I buy a generic credit card so I don’t give my information out online) I signed up for Blockbuster 1 month trial. Once it gets credited and before my month is up, I will cancel it. This one I may use for a few weeks to get some movies to watch. The pay out for this is: $20.95. Cost was $9.95 So that made me $10.00 in one step.

Now if you do the math, if you do $10 a day for month, you will make $300 a month for 30 minutes a day or less.
Will there always be offers over $1. No not always, but usually there is.

How you can make even more money:
Getting referrals, this is the easiest way to make money online. With referrals you can quickly make money. The fastest way to make the money is to sign up with the Bonus setting set at Receive $1 each time someone signs up and completes one offer.

Bonus Settings

$1.00 when a referral in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom completes first cash offer
$3.00 when a referral from any country earns their first $10.00

This way you will earn each time a new person does just ONE offer. That is a great deal. So if you can get 20 people a day going to the website and doing just one offer, you made over $20 for that day. Plus what ever they earned you will get 20%.

So this is one way that you can actually truly earn $10 online. No gimmicks, no sweat, no clicking hundreds of emails . It is this simple to earn money with CashCrate.

Making Money with Hub Pages

Hubpages is a great place to make money. I have been using them for over a year and here is what I have learned.

Adsense: Don't put a picture in the 1st capsule, let adsense be there. I had a photo in every 1st capsule and was making decent money, BUT once I removed that picture and moved it under my 1st block of text my adsense has increased. So your 1st block of text, also called a capsule should be about 500 words, and adsense will fit nicely in there. You still want to write great content so that people will come to your hubpages.

Ebay: I have made quite a few sales on EBay from Hubpages. Choose products that are related to your article and they will sell.

Clickbank - writing reviews for clickbank isn't recommended, but you can write an article and add your link to clickbanks and increase your sales at clickbank.

Amazon: I have Amazon listed on every page. Not one sale. I don't know if more people rather shop at Ebay than Amazon but so far no one has bought anything.

Hubpages Newest money making deal for you:
Kontera - this is new, just started a few weeks ago, I'm still waiting on my approval so then I will report on how well it does. I will be adding it to all my hubs as soon as I'm approved.

So you can make money if you use hubpages, but then Hubpages are also great for adding backlinks to your niche sites and your blogs, you can RSS feeds into hubpages from your blog, you can link from hubpages to a blog or website. There are many possiblities with hubpages.

It's free to use and easy to sign up. If you get stumped there is a 24/7 forum with many great answers there.

Sign up today and start earning money with hubpages.

New Design

I changed the design for the blog. I'm not so sure I like it now since it's up and running. I may change it yet again. The other one was just too crowded, and hard to read.

New Blog for Niche Sites

I decided to make a blog detailing my journey making niche sites. I have some of the niche sites that I have done so far listed on the new site, as well as the steps and links that I use to research each topic.

The site can be found here..

So far I am averaging $1 a day with adsense and I made my 1st .31 cent sale on ebay from one of my niche sites. WOO HOO!! Coffee for everyone! lol (just kidding)

I am learning more shortcuts to make these sites better and faster, this weekend I have worked hard on another site that will be ready to go up next weekend.

I am still debating on if bigger sites with more pages is better than smaller tighter niche sites. Right now I am going with the small and quick sites, because they're easiest while I am still learning. Each site is about 10 pages. So it's really not that small of a site.

So check out my new blog and see how I am doing on my journey.

Working hard on niche sites

I have been making niche sites lately. Right now I have 4 online and getting more and more every week. I download the template from and build from there. It takes about 10-12 hours to build one.

One site that I had done was indexed within a week, and I made my first sale for ebay yesterday. Not bad considering its been online for about 11 days. I haven't really advertised it, people are finding it from Google search.

I put ebay listings on them and adsense. Sometimes I will add products from clickbank if I can find something relevant.

Its slow going for niche sites, but they are getting easier and quicker to do. I find a topic that I want to do, then do some research, find about 10 keywords, I then write an article for each keyword then make that its own page. The articles contain keywords and the title does too. After I get the website laid out and articles done, I'm fished with it. Then I head off to godaddy to buy my site. I upload and I'm finished.

I think that I may be able to make more money online with niches than doing anything else. Keyword research is the hardest but the most crucial part of the niche sites. I will start advertising the sites soon, right now I was just waiting to see what happens with them on their own. They are getting traffic but I do believe that I will be able to get more.

Fusion Cash What a Great Program

Fusion Cash (link on top of site) is a great way to earn money. I rank it up there with the other Programs like Cashcrate and Treasure Trooper.

Complete surveys and earn money. This place is updated often and it's amazing how fast you can earn money with this site. Some of their offers credit within 10 minutes of them doing them. I was shocked at how fast they credited.

Sign up bonuses:
Right after I signed up I got a $5 bonus! This put me on my way of getting the payout quicker.

If I get referrals, as soon as they sign up another $1 is added to your account once they confirm their email address. Then when they do their first offer, you get $2 added to my account. Then you get $5 once they make their payout. And each time they make a payout another $5 is added to your account. So as you can see getting referrals for this program can really make you money.

There are many offers that you can do without using a credit card or spending money. I notice that they update often which makes it great. The best way to get payouts and offers to approve is to get it on the day that its first advertised. Since I log into these sites daily my offers approve quickly. Of course I use Roboform (link on right side of site) to complete the forms it never takes me long to do them at all.

Like many other places you can make more money with referrals and this will help you earn money to get out of debt or save money quicker.

EBay Outage - can it be true?

Seems that Ebay has gone down. You can't get to any of the website. This is bad news for us with Bans, and sellers for ebay.

Hopefully they will have it up and running soon...

None of the links work even for affliate links right now.. Imagine how much money we are all losing!


Using Google Referrals with Adsense for more $$

Since I got my first check from Adsense today, I thought it would be a good day to talk about the changes for the better that adsense has made.

Google adsense is on most blogs. But they now have referrals that you can add on to the websites for even more money every month.

The referrals pay much more money and if you search through them there are some there that will pay more with the referral ad and they don't have to even buy anything. I was shocked to see how much they paid out compaired to the adsense prices.

With regular adsense you can't pick your ads, they are put on by the keywords that you write about, but with the referral you can pick your ad, if you want link ads, text ads or images and there are many different sizes for each. So you can have image ads that are more likely to be clicked on then a text ad. You can have these ads rotate and it's great for extra income.

Since adding these to my websites and blogs I have seen an increase in Google adsense daily. It could be because I am adding more blogs, getting more traffic, But I see that I am getting higher rates for referrals also.

To get to the referral click on adsense, then adsense setup, and choose referral. Then click through and find the ads that you want to add to your page. The cool thing about this referral is that you can change your ads from the adsense account quickly and easily. So you always have fresh ads on your site.

If you want to get paid to show YouTube you can also. Now Google will pay for you to display YouTube. You can choose the YouTube that you want to show and make cash from that.

Adsense is giving you more options to earn more money.

Amazon New Program

Amazon has a program out in Beta testing now where you can accept jobs posted by others and get paid for it. Its called Amazon Mechanical Turk (Amazon MTurk) .

This is real simple to use, you look for an assignment that you want to complete and just complete it. Once it has been accepted you will paid. There are many tasks available to do, some to write articles, do a podcast, post comments on a blog and other things. There is something for everyone there. The prices are posted before you ever accept a task so you know what that you are being paid upfront.

To get started you just go here.
Look over the HITS and choose what you want to do. Right now there are almost 1200 tasks that people are looking for. Some are easy and will only take a few minutes while others are more involved but they will pay more also.

Signing up is easy to do. Agree to the TOS and verify your email and your signed up. Once you sign up you will then be given your list of tasks that you can do. There are many that I can chose from while I won't be able to retire from doing these alone, it's still great to have another option avaible to get extra cash.

$1000 Associated Content Earnings

I reached $1000 dollars earnings with Associated Content. It took almost a year with my first article published on May 15, 2007. It's an achievement that I never thought that I would reach. It took 250 articles and the page view hits to get to this amount. I had had my share of rejections with them, and sometimes I did publish them with no upfront payments.

Now with the 250+ articles I have uploaded I am still elgible for page view payments. So even if I don't write another article, I will still earn money from them every month depending on how many people read my article that are uploaded.

I have learned alot from my year of writing for Associated Content. Here are some tips that may help you reach your goals quickly.

Research your keywords. The better the keywords in the articles the more you will get for the articles. They seem to pay more for current things that people are searching for.

Write good articles about good topics. Proof read your articles. Sometimes if you write in Microsoft word it will correct a word to what it thinks it should be and will change your whole meaning of the sentance.

Write often. This is one way that you can keep your articles fresh and updated so people will keep coming back to read more. This helps with the page views.

Comment on other people's articles. Once you comment on their articles they will usually come back and comment on yours. Which again increases page views.

Calls for Content: These are great ways to earn extra money. While many of these do not offer upfront payment, they will showcase these articles and you will increase your page views.

Don't get discouraged when they reject articles: Sometimes the rejected articles get the most page views.

This is why I love Associated Content. They have never missed one paydate. I can always count on them to pay if I have money Pending on Mondays, Wednesday, or Fridays.

Hubpages and the EBay affiliate ID

Hubpages today sent out an email to update the Ebay on their site. You can find the directions here to do it. When I logged in to put in my new campaign number I noticed that the old Ebay link was gone. So you want to do this ASAP. Because you won't be getting paid if you don't.

Also they said since Adsense was down for a few hours a few days ago, they decided to raise the amount you get from adsense revenue till the end of April. This will help increase your adsense earnings. They didn't have to do this, but they are generous like that and helped us the hubbers to make a difference. This really should help mine, I already have over 100 hubs with more being added monthly. I already seen an increase in my adsense, it's going up daily, and getting a few sales from Ebay and Amazon.

The nice thing about Hubpages, its easy to create and publish a hub. And you will make money!

Still being Ripped off with Fairy Tale Treasures

I haven't done any offers at fairytale Treasure in a few weeks. I can't find where to cancel the account, but she is still taking money from me. I lost about 60 more cents without even doing anything.

I don't understand why she keeps taking my money, I basically wrote off the 5.96 balance that I have there, Since I'm not going to waste my time doing offers letting them get paid for it, then taking back my money. It's a bunch of bullshit. So if you haven't read my previous post, I think they are scamming people. I don't get where you can have money in your account then all of a sudden they are removing money right before you are ready to cash out. I was going to cash out when I hit $25 and get a gift certificate for Amazon. Which they pulled out my money before I could do it.

My feelings on Fairytale treasure isn't good. This isn't the first time that they have taken money back out of the account, but last time I didn't lose nearly as much. It wasn't even a dollar I lost last time. But to do it again that's too much. I don't have time to waste there and not get paid. There are many other places online that will pay you and not take money back from you. If you are going to do survey site, DO NOT use Fairytale Treasure. While you may think you are making money, it can be gone in no time. As they take the money back out of your account.

My question is - The money isn't suspose to go into your paid account - untill the advertiser states that you have completed the offer requirements. SO how can they THEN take it back from you if you fulfilled the requirements. I think Fairytale Treasure is the one pocketing the money for themselves, and getting paid from the Advertiser AND taking back your money.

If they keep taking money back off of me, Soon they will be sending me a bill for money I haven't collected from them. lol ...

I work hard at earning money with that site. There is allot of BS you have to do to get these done. I did find a short cut, using Roboform (link is on side) . With this program it fills in all your information and your done quicker. I use Roboform for all my Survey sites, and the information is accurate, so if Fairytale Treasure takes back money from saying it wasnt done correctly, WHY haven't the other sites? Seems that my information was Correct for them!

So with this information the only reasonable conclusion is that FairyTale Treasures is starting to scam people. Don't spend your time there doing offers only to have your referalls removed from you and money taken back off of you.

Join programs that you know you will be paid, and money not taken back from you. CashCrate, Treasure Troopers are two places that you will be paid. Money not taken back from you, and once you earn it, it's yours!

Fairy Tale Treasure Problems

Well it seems that Fairy Tale treasure has reversed almost $20.00 back from me with no explanations. Seems that they can do that as they want without alerting you at all.

So now being the last day of the month I can not even make payout for this month, so I am screwed.

Stay away from Fairytale Treasures.

None of the other GPT sites will reverse money after you earned it, except this one. It's just not worth your time to do these offers then on the last day they refuse to pay you.

Earlier this month they have removed 6 referalls from my account without any explanations.

Stay clear of Fairytale Treasures. I will never promote them again. Infact I am closing my account with them today.
How can a website stay in business when they are treating the very people who are the ones making them money this way? I will never know. I forsee this website going away soon.

Writers block blog

I have started a new blog today, it's to help everyone that experiences writers block. With over 200 articles on Associated Content it is getting difficult to think of new topics to write about, But I have a list of many topics that I thought that I would share and help other article writers unblock their writers block, and get their creative thoughts flowing again.

I plan on updating it frequently with new topics and ideals of what you can write articles on. Even if you don't choose a topic that I have listed, maybe you will be inspired to write about something similar from what I have listed.

I have them broken down in categories so that finding a topic should be easier to do. Once you have a topic in mind to write about the articles are quick and easy to write, it's finding the topic that is often the main challenge and obstacle for writing.

I do hope that this helps people write and earn more money online with article writing. The Writers Block Blog should help you write and earn more.


Sell ebay items without an ebay store? Well I found this product that is so easy to use. BANS.. Build A Niche Site. This software is awesome. I can quickly build a niche site without using any HTML.
It takes no time at all to build a niche site with many items to sell from eBay. Anything that is sold on ebay can be your Niche Site. Every thing is Point and Click and so simple to use.
I have built one that was done in no time. I wish I would of known about this before. I would have more niche sites up and not messing with trying to figure out how to do things. I could of saved my self so much time if I would of known about this. This does it all for me. All I have to do is just think about what I want my site to be on.
There are many templates that you can choose from that makes each site look different from the other.
For everything that this does, I was shocked at how low the price is.

Changes in progress

Well the newest changes are going to be Ebay Changing from Commission Junction. So all the links I have for eBay now have to be changed. Luckily I have done most of my writings on Hub Pages and Squidoo. Which they will take care of that. But I have blogs that I have to go back through and Change. This goes in effect April 1st. (Hoping it's just an April Fool's joke, but don't think so). But with the Ebay to go I have been using cause its been so easy to set up and use.

Then Adsense Terms of Service changed. I have to go through and put in the Privacy statement on the blogs.

I will wait till April 1st and change everything over at once. Time that could be used for something else, but will have to be spent updating everything. I think that I can use the same TOS privacy statment on everything with minor tweaking. Just writing it up the 1st time can be annoying.

But it will all be ok. Just something that needs done. At least they are both at the same time. So I can just go in and take care of everything at once.

Busy week working - Associated Content Payment Proof

Been working on creating new squidoo pages, now since they have more affiliate programs to choose from it seems like it will pay more. They have added netflix, and ebay and others. So you have several money making oppertunities to choose from. Plus it doesn't take long to build them.

Also been working on Hubpages. Getting quite a few sales from Ebay there. I am almost at 100 hubs. I want to reach 100 hubs by the end of the week. I have been researching my keywords now before doing a hub. This I am finding out is key to getting traffic to the site.

On Associated Content, I got an article published today on Parabloic Antenna for wifi and it's already on Google's first page. #2 position! I was excited to see it getting there that fast. I have been writing alot and making video's for them. Videos have been getting approved or rejected in the same day. Yes I do see my share of rejections there. But I am making good money there for what time I spend doing it.
Click on Image to see bigger size for payments from Associated Content.

On a sadder note - I have been creating mini- niche sites with blogger. I have several started, and got about 10 posts on each of them, just to see if they get noticed, and how traffic is with them. I only had one post from all of them picked up by Google, and not one person (other then me) there to visit them. But I am thinking it just may take some time. I am not promoting them in anyway, so I knew it wasn't going to explode overnight. But I figured Google would of picked them up by now. I will keep working on them, making them better and seeing if this works. It's free, and it's only taking up my time. It doesn't take that long to build a new blog, and get some articles posted on them. Who knows in a few months it may all pay off. I will keep you updated on the progress. I am sure it will pay off in the long run. But sometimes you just gotta try new ideas out.
Well it's back to work for me, got ventures to test out.

As for the treasure Trooper, CashCrate, and Fairytale treasures websites, I stop by and do a few offers everyday, but not like I used to. I moved to a new location, I am in the South East, but my IP address comes up as Michigan, (not sure why)... and alot of offers aren't crediting for me. Its very frustrating, so I don't really spend much time doing them.

RSS Feeds and Squidoo and Blogger

I learned a trick today to add Ebay listings to Squidoo. Its great now I can add ebay to the lens and have it updated every day. So the listings are always fresh.

It really was quite easy to do.

Start here:

Click on the button to go to advance search.

Fill in the search for the items you want...

Scroll down and look for:
Affiliate Tracking Information add your PID number there, so you get credit for the sales.

Once you have that filled in you can hit run search. When the search is done running, click on the RSS feed button on the bottom, and it will open up in a new page, copy that page address and go over to Feedburner.

In feedburner, you want to add a new feed. Paste the ebay address in the feed burner and it will give you a new address for your RSS.

Back to squidoo, and add that address in the RSS feed section.

Once you click save the RSS feed will update the Ebay in your lens.

Here is one that I did quickly today....
You see under the cars on ebay is my RSS feed. You can do this several times till you get yoru page the way you want it.

To Add feed to Blogger:
Once you get your information from Feed Burner - log into Blogger, go to layout, and add page element. On the left hand side you will see RSS feed. Add the RSS feed there and it will show as links on the side of the page.

These are 2 ways to make good use of RSS feeds and ebay and hopefully increases your earnings.

Ebay To Go Beta - Great for Affiliates

Ebay has in beta testing the Ebay to go. This is by far the easiest way to add Ebay to your blog or website. You can create your ebay widget in 3 simple steps.

  1. Choose the version you want
  2. Put in your keywords
  3. Add your PID number

Ebay will then give you the code to put in- And if you are doing it for a blog they will give you step by step instruction for blogs. This by far is one of the easiest ways to add ebay to your website or blog.

You can choose from several different layouts, choose a store, keyword, one item, or a variety of items in a slide show. This is awesome how quickly you can change the ebay searches and keep your blog or website looking fresh.

This is a sample of Ebay to Go. This is the search one.

To sign up for EBay Affiliate click here. This will walk you through the steps to sign up for ebay affiliate.

Video's for Associated Content - Progress Report

Join Associated Content

I have been doing video's and uploading them to Associated Content and the first batch I sent up which was 9 video's 5 of them they didn't accept. I wasn't really that upset because this is kind of like a learning thing for me. But the 4 they accepted they did pay $4.00 each! Today I uploaded 5 and they accepted all of them! YAY!!!! And these will all quailfy for page view payments. Every little bit helps.

I like doing video's because they are fast to do. Writing an article can take 20-30 minutes most of the time longer, while a video is less than 10 minutes start to finish. That is easy money for just a few minutes of working time. I use Camtasia and do the screen capture only right now. I have headphones with a speaker and do tutorials on the programs that I have on my computer now.

Today for the videos' I did, I researched what people were asking at yahoo answers. If they asked a question, then I thought maybe other people have the same questions. And it seems that it worked doing it that way. I make a list the night before of what I want to do the video on so that I am not wasting time during the day. I do the list while watching TV at night, and then cross them off as I do them the next day.

Now I just got to figure out what to do with the video's that are rejected. I believe that I may upload them to squidoo and make a lens out of them. I still think they are useful to others. No sense wasting my time and deleting them. There has to be another way to make money with Videos online. If you make video's where do you upload them to and make money?

If you have Camtasia or a camcorder, or even a Webcam that you can shoot some videos this may be a great way you too can earn extra money online. As always Associated Content pays every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clockwork!
Just thought that I would give you another way to make money online with Associated Content.

Finally Back and ready to work

I haven't been updating the blog for a few months. I have been moving, selling the house, and getting things organized. This is hard when you are working fulltime and trying to juggle more than usual with a busy day.

But things are now settled, still looking for fulltime work at new location, been on many interviews but still no offers. So I have been vamping up my online earnings. Now more than ever I need to earn more online then before, since this is my only source of income till I get a fulltime job. (best case would be I could earn enough online that I wouldn't have to go work for someone else).

The sites are doing pretty well.
Treasure Trooper has paid me $153.00 last month, and
Fairytale Treasures will be paying me $125.00 any day now.
Cashcrate has been not as good, but I haven't worked it like I should be. That income is only $37. Still not bad for these sites. I am very happy with them.

The trick I learned is all about getting referrals. With the referrals you will see a huge increase in your monthly cash.

I know that I had sworn that I would never go back to Fairytale Treasures, but they are running some awesome contests that you just can't refuse. Plus they have been adding more and more offers that are now approving quickly, and have several offers on there now that are paying $2.50 per offer and all you have to do is fill out your information and have a school contact you. I still use my freephone phone number and they never bother me. If you had been like me and got away from Fairytale Treasures, check it out again. They have improved and you may be like me happy with them now.

Since I last posted Treasure Trooper has the Slot machine up and running now giving you more chances to earn pearls, and coins and platinum coins. You can even win $1.00 with a spin of the wheel. It is definantly worth checking out.

The biggest place that I have been concentrating with is Associated Content. This is where I make the most money the quickest. I have been averaging about $35 a day with them when I work. Some days I just don't have it in me, or I am interviewing with jobs.
Over this weekend I have tried and submitted video's. I will know soon if they accept them or not. I did learn videos are faster and easier to do then typing articles. If they accept them I may switch to doing more video's then articles. I will update you after they are accepted or rejected. I did 2 video's in an hour today and had them ready to upload. Which I was happy about because they were my 1st ones. I am sure they will get easier after I do more. The hardest part of doing the video is thinking about what to do it on. So I have a list made of the things I want to record tomorrow, and it should go faster.

I have my niche sites planned out, but will not allow myself to do them untill I finish my website that I have to get done. My main website has over 10,000 photos and it is taking me forever to get that done. I work on it about an hour a day and making progress slowly. But it will pay off in the long run... it's just hard to stay motivated with something this huge and daunting. Within another month it should be completed and ready to be uploaded. Then I can move on.