Keeping The Motivation

Motivation.... How to keep it going when everything is going wrong.

Sometimes it's hard to keep the motivation going. I live in NC, affiliates are dropping NC residents from their programs because of a new Tax law that the state may pass. It hasn't passed yet, but we're still getting dropped.

Amazon is the first to do this. Now I have a ton of Hubpages that had Amazon links on. I had to go through and remove all those links from the sites. Each hub had to be gone through one by one. After getting that done, more emails arrived with the notice that "since you live in NC, we're dropping you" ... So it was back through the blogs, the lenses, the websites and remove these links.. So after updating everything, it is easy to get discouraged. So how can you stay motivated?

Well I look at the positive things. I still have many affiliate links that I can choose from, I still have choices and the links that I had to remove really weren't that good of links anyhow. I'm not going to get discouraged because I had to drop some affiliates I just moved on. It's all about bouncing back.

I had to rethink my plan, but since this is an online business, the keyword being business - You have to recover or close the doors. So what ever you have to do - just do it, recover and move on.

So take the time have your pity party, then find it inside of yourself that motivational spirit and move on and complete the tasks around the problems. While you are redoing one thing, look over the sites and tweak the things that need done and make it better. Make it a mission to get more traffic, more sales and set more goals.

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You can make your business great if you motivate yourself, write lists, make goals, and just Do it. You will never achieve anything unless you try anything. Failure is learning. You will fail, but you will also learn and make the things that you do better and bigger and more sucessful.

Keep working hard to achieve your goals.

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