Associated Content and Not Making Money

Associated Content isn't making you as much money as it used to? Your not alone. They have really been rejecting many articles and paying $1 or $1.50 for articles. That is for a 400 word article. To me that's not really worth even writing for that little bit of money.

Everything that you submit to them is lower than it was a year ago. Many times you get rejected because they say that there is already too much of that subject on their site. It's really hard to find something to submit and make you money with that site.

It does seem that they are looking for you to submit more video's. They have requests for things that you can do, usually just for page views, but most of them are video requests.

So where else can you go to write and make money? Try Helium the writers marketplace for some places that will pay for articles.

Work at Elance for cash writing articles. You can sign up for them for free to make money there.

I will write up another post giving you more places that you can write articles and make money. Since I did the last one a year ago, things have changed. You now struggle making money on the sites that were paying well a year ago.

For more work at home openings that you can make money check out the Work from Home website.

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